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    If you think Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands in general are named after the yellow songbird, you are mistaken - it's actually the other way around. In fact, 'Canaria' derives from 'canine' and the name means 'Isle of Dogs', a reference to the wild dogs found living there when the archipelago was first discovered. These days the dogs you are most likely to see are American-style hot dogs served up to tourists in the coastal town of Telde, a home comfort for visitors who are less adventurous when it comes to trying the local cuisine.

    Dinner by the dunes on Gran Canaria

    The resort of Playa del Ingles is many people's first port of call during their introduction to Gran Canaria, and it offers epic scenery in the form of Maspalomas, an expanse of sand dunes that reaches right up to the edge of the resort itself. You can sit outside one of the restaurants on the very edge of the dunes, for an unforgettable dinner with a genuine picture postcard view across the sand, and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach just a short distance away too. It's no surprise the name of the resort translates as 'The Englishman's Beach'.

    Visit Gran Canaria's canal capital

    Puerto de Mogan is a small fishing village, and would probably go unnoticed by most tourists, except that its marina and harbour are linked by an unusually large number of canals. This has earned it the name 'Little Venice', and it is well worth sightseeing around the village and taking a few photographs for the album too.

    When should I visit Gran Canaria?

    The simple answer is 'as soon as possible', as very few visitors fail to be enchanted by the island's pace of life, welcoming weather patterns and tourist-friendly communities. Average daily temperatures range from about 18°C in winter to 23-24°C in summer, and rainfall barely measures over an inch in any month of the year, so if it's a warm, sunny, dry holiday you want, there really is no reason to delay your visit. Unusually, Gran Canaria's Carnival takes place at the very beginning of the year, and not in the spring-summer like many Spanish fiestas. But thanks to the consistent weather, all this means is slightly longer nights to party under the stars, and the festivities often take place on the island's beaches, a truly memorable celebration for all who attend.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays to Gran Canaria are all about you, and nothing else. If you fancy a champagne breakfast overlooking the pool, your luxury hotel will make it happen, and if your heart is set on a room with an awe-inspiring view of the ocean, they’ll go out of their way to make sure you get it. Paying a little extra for a luxury package is a smart move in Gran Canaria, where the amount of pampering you receive is entirely your choice. Gran Canaria offers the refined, meticulous level of service which you expect from luxury holidays, and while you won’t be anywhere near a ski-slope, you will have some of the Canary Islands’ most incredible scenery to explore, and the precise, efficient attention to detail which luxury holidays in Gran Canaria are famous for.

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