Family holidays in Amalfi Coast

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  • Amalfi Coast Family holidays

    Give your kids a cultural break on one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. Cheap family holidays on the Amalfi Coast put you in a much loved part of Italy, covering around 50 km of the Sorrentine Peninsula's shore, and it's not hard to see why this stretch has become regarded as a holiday destination in its own right. With little villages and individual hotels dotted along its length, the entire Amalfi Coast is one big holiday hotspot, and an adventure playground explored by many thousands of international visitors each year.

    A stretch of paradise

    If you are able to hire a car, it's worth spending a day - or even a few - exploring the full 50 km of the coastline during family holidays on the Amalfi Coast. The drive is one of the best in the world too, with views out across the sparkling water as you take the coastal road, lined with a succession of tourist-friendly hotels, small villages and towns, and individual villas where the lucky few reside. There are little vineyards and citrus groves too, and you may be able to sample some locally grown fruit, or perhaps even some local wine.

    Ascending at Arienzo

    The local landmark of 300 Steps Beach at Arienzo is one popular addition to the must-see list on family holidays on the Amalfi Coast. This small cove has a beautiful sandy beach enclosed by cliffs - part of it is private, but there's a public area too, and this is reached by climbing down the cliff face, a route of around 300 steps. Climbing back up is likely to prove a little tiring, especially for younger children, but the beach itself is so lovely that you're likely to find it's worth the effort.

    A treat for mum and dad

    One local delicacy the kids probably won't get to experience is Limoncello, made using the fruit from the citrus groves. It's a tart liqueur, packed with the flavour of the fruit, and makes a refreshing addition to family holidays on the Amalfi Coast. This is perhaps one treat for mum and dad to enjoy down in the hotel bar after the children are safely off to sleep back up in the room, or at any time of day while the kids experience the local flavours in the form of non-alcoholic lemonade instead.

    Why the Amalfi Coast is so great for families

    Italy's Amalfi Coast is known as one of the most stunning stretches of coastline in the world, but it's also a top family holiday destination too. Even young eyes will be impressed by the beauty of the towns and villages clinging to the coast, and the kids will love scrambling down to the small coves and sandy beaches that you'll find along the way. Italians love kids, so expect to be the centre of attention wherever you go, even in restaurants, and enjoy Amalfi Coast family holidays that you'll never forget.

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