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  • Zante Family holidays

    Apart from having a name that sounds like it's straight out of one of the kids' comic books, family holidays to Zankythos, commonly known by the British as 'Zante', put you in the heart of the Greek Islands, one of the most desirable destinations in the Mediterranean for a sunshine break. From its infamous Shipwreck Beach, to its lush landscape and local produce, there's more going on in the area than you might expect given its size, and that means you can easily fill a holiday of a week or more, with activities and delicious treats every day, all within easy reach of your accommodation.

    Smugglers' shipwreck

    Although it doesn't date back to the heyday of piracy on the high seas - and actually only ran aground in October 1980 - the shipwreck of the Panagiotis is still one of the most popular sightseeing opportunities during cheap family holidays on Zante. The ship was chased down by the Greek Navy and ended up beached on Zakynthos, where it remains to this day. It's a significant landmark on an otherwise tiny and very pretty sandy cove, and on any given day there's a good chance of coming across other tourists who have also gone to see it and take photos.

    A natural menu

    The permanent residents of the island have learned to live off the land, and family holidays on Zante allow you to experience many of the same local delicacies. There's a strong Mediterranean theme to the produce, with citrus fruits and olives in abundance, and many recipes will include the highly regarded Zante currant, which is native to the island but known well beyond its shores for its sweet taste. It's no surprise that Zante has been given the nickname 'To fioro tou Levante', which translates into English as 'The flower of the East'.

    All at sea

    The pretty beaches don't all have shipwrecks on them, but they do offer great bathing conditions and clean sands, which is what many parents with young children are looking for from cheap family holidays in Zante. Get out into the shallow waves for some paddling or a splash around, and you can help your children to gain confidence in the waves and practise their swimming in open water - all under careful supervision of course, with the benefit of the generally quite sheltered surrounding sea.

    Why Zante is so great for families

    The people of Zante adore children and enjoy making sure that younger visitors are just as well looked after as grown-ups. Swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing and some of Greece's freshest and most delicious food can all be enjoyed on family holidays on Zante. There's also a fantastic variety of kids' attractions to explore. This, combined with a Mediterranean climate and Zante locals' laid-back attitude, ensure that weary families are thoroughly relaxed by the time they leave this enchanting destination.

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