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  • Tenerife All inclusive holidays

    The Canary Islands are one of those destinations where it seems like everybody who visits has a great time. This is perhaps also thanks to all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife allowing tourists to eat, drink and enjoy themselves, without receiving a budget-busting bill during your stay. The island can feel quite small - with the landmark of Mount Teide at its centre quite easily visible no matter where you are on Tenerife - but it's actually the biggest of the Canaries, giving you plenty to explore during your visit.

    Brits abroad

    One reason why so many British visitors have such a great time in Tenerife could be because the UK is the island's largest tourism market, and this means there is a good availability of cheap all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife aimed specifically at British holidaymakers. The island is of course Spanish, but you can expect fluent English-speaking service in all of the major hotels and resorts, and throughout the main summer season and even into late autumn. The signs and notices in your hotel will probably be in English too, before they switch over to other European languages as those markets send the larger number of visitors in the autumn and winter months.

    A taste of local nectar

    If your all-inclusive holiday in Tenerife includes alcoholic drinks, look for honey rum on the menu. This is a locally produced drink and is unique to the Canary Islands, combining the sweetness of dark rum with the distinct flavours of honey. It's syrupy - and you'll need a sweet tooth to find it truly satisfying - but for those with the right palate, it's a tasty treat and fits perfectly with the sunny weather and clear blue skies.

    Best time for all-inclusive breaks in Tenerife

    Because the British market is so important to the Canaries, you should find there are a good number of cheap all-inclusive holidays in Tenerife throughout the year, and this high level of availability means there are some real bargains to be found. Temperatures on the island stay around 20°C even in the colder months, and while Northern Europe sends more holidaymakers from late autumn onwards, it still makes a fantastic winter sun destination. As a British tourist, you'll always receive a warm welcome in Tenerife, and those fluent English-speaking staff will be there to greet you at any time of year too.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Tenerife?

    One of the Canary Islands, well known for their excellent resorts, you can book all-inclusive holidays in Tenerife and all your food and drink will be covered throughout your stay. No booking tables or finding restaurants, it’s all prepared for you when you want it. All of which leaves you free to enjoy the beach and rest of the island at your leisure. With three meals a day and drinks included, this is a stress free way to holiday.

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