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  • Sicily All inclusive holidays

    Live out your Italian dream in Sicily, an autonomous region of the country and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. There's no road link as yet from the 'toe' of Italy across the narrow Strait of Messina, but plans have been in place for a few years to eventually bridge the two miles near its narrowest point. In the meantime, there's an efficient ferry service that takes not only cars, but also trains across to the mainland - and can take you too if you want to explore during your vacation on the island.

    Sicilian food plunders God's Kitchen

    The meals served to you during your all-inclusive holidays to Sicily draw from a natural local 'larder' that gives the island the nickname of God's Kitchen. If you're OK with both cow's and sheep's milk, try the local cheeses, including Caciocavallo and Pecorino, both of which have a unique flavour when produced there. Braccilatte are a type of doughnut that are also distinct to Sicily, while in general the Mediterranean ingredients of olive oil and seafood, citrus fruits and a wide variety of fruit and vegetables are all in abundance too. Be brave and try something new - the light and refreshing recipes are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day and a view across the beach.

    Packing heat on Sicily

    Expect quite high temperatures on Sicily, especially during the summer months. Like the cuisine, the climate is typically Mediterranean, warmed by the surrounding water in the winter. The coldest temperatures of the year are still around double figures in Celsius, while the hottest averages climb closer to 30°C in summer, and reputedly have neared 49°C on at least one occasion in the past, although this is only an unofficial record. The area is of course home to Europe's largest active volcano, Mount Etna, adding a geological element to the heat of the region.

    Should I book all-inclusive on Sicily?

    Islands tend to suit all-inclusive holidays, as you're unlikely to want to travel too far from your base location anyway. Many of Sicily's main attractions - the food, the climate, the coastline - can be enjoyed in one place, and when you travel all-inclusive to Sicily, you can enjoy as much of the food and drink as you want, all without adding any extra to your bill for the holiday as a whole.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Sicily?

    The benefits of cheap all-inclusive holidays in Sicily are that you don’t have to worry about mealtimes. No more confusing booking of tables, menus you don’t understand or unusual tipping conventions. All your meals are taken care of at the resort, paid for and ready when you want them. Just relax and make the most of the island, visiting beaches, charming towns and more. Start the day right with a good breakfast and end it well with a good meal. That’s what great holidays are all about.


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