Tanzania is a country of stunning landscapes, home to Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa and Lake Tanganyika the lowest. Spectacular national parks are home to incredible wildlife and beautiful vistas. Serengeti and Ruaha are just two examples of the world class national parks that can be found in Tanzania. Together with the remarkable sea life along the coast that can be experienced while scuba diving, Tanzania is a perfect location for wildlife lovers.

As one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world Tanzania is the perfect place to meet wonderful people, experience customs and try traditional foods found nowhere else in the world. Isimila Gorge is a magical place to experience the history of civilisation, with cave paintings believed to be 30,000 years old.

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's largest city is an important trading centre often overlooked by visitors. As well as providing access to Zanzibar and many national parks Dar es Salaam is home to beautiful beaches and bustling markets. The high population density makes driving or walking through the city an experience, make sure you leave time to get to any destination but enjoy your journey through the city.

A two hour ferry or twenty minute flight from Dar es Salaam is Zanzibar. An archipelago of over 50 islands including the largest Unguja, which is commonly known as Zanzibar, and Pemba. Tropical weather, shallow turquoise water, lush foliage and soft white sand make Zanzibar a paradise off the African coast.

Stone Town is the perfect place to embark on tours to discover the history, culture and natural beauty of Zanzibar. Spice tours show the variety of spices and fruits produced on the islands, tours of slave markets show the dark history of Zanzibar and tours from Ragginugo beach show the crystal clear waters that frame the town. It is only a short drive to the lush Jozani forest, the only home of Red colobus monkeys in the world. The playful monkeys will swing past just meters from your face or let you approach for a photograph, they are not shy!

Stone Town, the historic heart heart of Zanzibar, will likely be your first taste of the archipelago whether you arrive by flight or ferry. The winding streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are home to open air markets for example in Darajani and Forodhani Gardens where local produce, spices, crafts and delicacies can be sampled. The cuisine of Zanzibar is full of flavour, influenced by the production of spices on the islands. Zanzibar pizza, spiced octopus and kuku wa kupaka are just a few of the island's specialities that should not be missed.

Jambo, karibu Zanzibar. Hello and welcome to Zanzibar. These are the phrases you are most likely to hear while in Zanzibar together with hakuna matata, no worries, and pole-pole, take it easy. These phrases perfectly represent the philosophy of the people of the island. They are welcoming, friendly and relaxed.