Ask 100 people to say what 'nature' means to them and you'll probably get 100 different pictures painted for you - each one vivid and conjuring up some very different ideas. Landscapes wild and lush, rugged and arid; wildlife big and small, everyday and exotic, and world-famous natural sights from rock formations to the Northern Lights.

The variety of the natural world makes it one of the best reasons to travel - and a pretty-much endless source of holiday inspiration. So much so that knowing where to start can be tricky. That's why you're in the right place; here you can find destination news and top nature travel tips for everywhere from the Costa Rican cloudforest to the comforting green of the English countryside.

Experiences of wildly different size and scale can be equally spectacular, whether it's taking in the awesome scale of the Alps from the top of Mont Blanc or diving on the Great Barrier Reef to spot tiny clownfish up close. So we bring together inspiration for all kinds of nature travel, from the best nature holidays in the world to recommendations for great natural sights that you can fit into a regular trip. Top safari spots, untouched wildernesses, seasonal sights and nature-themed day trips from major cities - have a scroll and find out about them all.

If you like to get active while exploring the natural world, check our adventure travel section. Or, if rainforest and warm waters are your idea of a perfect nature trip, browse our articles on tropical trips.

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