Cast your eyes over any list for unmissable experiences in holiday destinations around the world and you will most certainly come across recommendations for museums to visit. This is, of course, for good reason. Like historic sites and famous buildings, museums too are iconic landmarks that are associated with a place. And, of course, they are fascinating and enjoyable spaces to be in.

The stories a good museum contains are as varied as the buildings that house them, many of which are worth a trip for their architecture alone. Grand old palaces and side street hidden treasure troves, converted industrial buildings and new creations by the biggest names in architecture - here you can find out about them all.

Our continually updated source of museum inspiration will introduce you to hushed halls and immersive, interactive experiences. We'll help you discover the best museums around the world and the must-visit exhibitions in popular cities. We'll show you how to uncover quirky and unusual museums and provide you with detailed guides on individual museums and the collections they contain, whether it's artefacts from history or an assortment of fine art. We'll even find out about the different guided tours that are out there - basically anything that will help you make the most of your time in a museum.

If old masters and modern masterpieces are your thing, don't forget to check our art section. Or, if you're looking for a truly weird and wonderful travel experience, browse our articles on quirky attractions.

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