A good reputation goes a long way. For travellers, how a country is portrayed can be the deciding factor in it making your wanderlust list.

Down Under this doesn't seem to be a problem.

Australia's famous harbour-side metropolis, Sydney, has been named officially as the world's most reputable city. According to the annual City RepTrak survey by the Reputation Institute, Sydney outshines any other city with its stellar standing. The survey questioned 22,000 consumers on their perceptions of global cities based on attributes like trust, esteem, admiration and respect to rank the top 100 cities.

London (which currently holds a different title - the world's most expensive city) didn't fare quite as well. Toronto, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice help make up the top five cities on the survey, while the UK capital just makes it into the top 10. However, London fared much better than the big names - New York, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai - that barely made a mark.

But what has Sydney got that London hasn't?

They've both got iconic landmarks to be proud of. London has Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge, sprawling urban parks and lovely cloudy weather. On the other side of the world, Sydney has the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House to show off, as well as stunning beaches and a climate that allows people to use them year-round.

Perhaps it's just a matter of personal taste? Our infographic below puts these two global cities head-to-head so you can decide which one you love more.

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