Top Cities in Taiwan

Pocket Guide: Taiwan

Taiwan is like an entire continent in microcosm. With tropical forests decorating its beautiful mountain landscapes, sea cliffs that seemingly reach into the skies and deep stone gorges that drop deep into the earth, it’s no wonder that the island was for centuries known simply as the Beautiful Isle. Culturally as well Taiwan is also something of a marvel. With a thriving democracy and renowned value for both human and animal rights, a hotel in Taiwan offers a unique blend of natural magnificence and commendable human decency.

Where to Stay in Taiwan

Northern Taiwan — The political and financial heart of Taiwan, Northern Taiwan is home to the capital Taipei, one of the world’s great cities. As such it is the most visited part of the country, but don’t assume that it’s all about Taipei. Yangmingshan National Park is also to be found in this region, making this area a great place to book a hotel if you want the best of both urban and natural worlds.

Central Taiwan — Boasting a plethora of imposing mountain ranges, as well as a number of national parks, and lakes including Sun Moon Lake, Central Taiwan is a landscape like no other. Book a hotel here and you will find Lukang, the second oldest town in Taiwan, and one renowned for both its cuisine and its traditional architecture.

Eastern Taiwan — A region of outstanding natural beauty, the counties of Hualien and Taitung are in fact cut off from the rest of the island by the mountains of central Taiwan, which explains their truly individual character. Jiaoxi meanwhile is best known in Taiwan for its hot springs, and the region’s trails and waterfalls have made it a mecca for hikers. Surfers should however head to Toucheng, which is also the perfect place to spot whales and watch the sun rise over the sea.

Southern Taiwan — The top place to book a hotel for beach lovers, Southern Taiwan is rightly regarded as something of a tropical paradise. With palm trees leaning languorously over delightful beaches, this is where you should head if you want to bask on the sand and top up your tan.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Taiwan

With its wonderfully diverse landscapes, Taiwan is ideal for anyone looking to hike along colonial-era trails, or cycle along lonely highways that weave along cliff-top passes or in the shadows of volcanoes. Alishan boasts giant cypress forests and spectacular sunrises, whilst Kenting National Park offers the very best beaches and verdant plant life. But don’t forget the cities. Taipei is home to the world’s fourth tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101, and as with Taiwan’s other cities, is thriving with all the culture and entertainment you would expect.

As well as hiking and cycling, surfing is rapidly become a popular pastime in Taiwan, with many opportunities to take lessons from professional surfers. Jet-skis can also be hired at an increasing number of locations, whilst diving is also a thriving activity, what with Taiwan’s abundance of corals and radiant sea life.