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  • Majorca Luxury holidays

    Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, as the 'major' part of its name suggests - and the diminutive or 'minor' size of neighbouring Minorca explains its name too. The autonomous group of the Balearics has its capital on Majorca at Palma, and its airport is one of Spain's busiest, with nearly 25 million passengers each year. This includes a very large number of tourists from the UK, thanks to the Balearics' enduring popularity as a package tour destination for families during the school holidays, and for individuals, couples and groups throughout the year.

    Sun, sea... and snow

    While Majorca's appeal for beach holidays is well known, the area named Serra de Tramuntana is its UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering spectacular mountain scenery and even snow-capped peaks. Snow falls several days in a typical year at the highest altitudes, and may be seen from many of the relatively warm and sunny towns closer to sea level. Already protected before gaining its UNESCO status in June 2011, the Tramuntana range is largely a wilderness, dotted only with water mills, agricultural terraces and the occasional small farm or dry stone building.

    Reach your peak on Majorca

    Majorca is the second most populated island in Spain, behind the largest of the Canaries, Tenerife. Its landscape miRors that of Tenerife too, but instead of a single peak at its centre, Majorca has two mountainous areas. The highest of these is classified by the military, but the second-highest, Puig de Massanella, is accessible to the public at nearly 4,500 feet above sea level. Approach from the south and you can take the walking route to the summit, where you can take a moment to look into an unusually deep pit which is rumoured to have historically been used for storing snow.

    When should I visit Majorca?

    The Island has a typically Mediterranean climate, with summer daytime average temperatures of around 25°C and mild winter days well over 10°C. Even in January and February, the average high temperature is over 15°C, and no month of the year sees more than a week of rain on average either, so a trip during the wettest season is unlikely to be a complete washout. The favourable conditions and tourist-friendly welcome on the island, as well as its long-term status as a holiday destination for Brits of all ages, mean there is a truly year-round market for travellers.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays offer plenty of choice. If you want to stay at an all-inclusive beachfront resort, you can. If it’s a boutique, stylish, city hotel you’re after, you’ll have plenty of those to choose from too. The object of a luxury holiday is to design a getaway that works for you. You needn’t blow the budget, but spending that little extra will allow you to enjoy something better suited to you. Majorca has long been known for its incredible beaches and wide array of resorts. Party in Magalluf, soak up the stylish vibe in Palma, or enjoy a luxury holiday in the sophisticated Cala D’or; the choice is yours.

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