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    Sardinia gives its name to the sardine, the small fish caught in its coastal waters and famously packaged tightly in tins - but the name of the island itself has much less humble origins, as Sardus, son of Hercules, took a large number of men from Libya to the island and occupied it. The myth is told by several different ancient authors, and the story goes that the island, previously called Ichnusa, changed its name to Sardinia in his honour. It's a sweet origin story for a popular tourist destination that still has plenty of history and heritage to show for itself in the present day.

    Sardinia's maritime paradise

    Sardinia's status as the second-largest island in the Med, behind Sicily and ahead of Cyprus, as well as its piscine name, are hints as to its maritime significance, and the impact of the Mistral wind only serves to enhance that further. The north-westerly wind occurs throughout the year, and is at its strongest in the winter and springtime. It usually has quite a cooling effect, which can be refreshing on a warm day, and brings dry air with it. Together, these characteristics make a modification to the climate that is more than welcome among sailing enthusiasts.

    Letting off steam on Sardinia

    The Little Green Train of Sardinia - 'Il Trenino Verde della Sardegna' in the local language - doesn't sound like a high-speed rail service, and indeed it is not. However, the naRow gauge railway, with its lazy speed and winding routes, is a firm favourite for the tourism market, and a great way to see some of the Sardinian landscape that you might otherwise miss during your stay.

    When should I visit Sardinia?

    Sardinia's climate is, unsurprisingly, Mediterranean in nature, and at low-lying Cagliari this gives mild winter temperatures of around 10°C and warm summer days of up to 25°C in July and August. Extreme temperatures range from over 30°C on the hottest summer days, down to average lows not below 5°C - even at altitude on the island, temperatures rarely get anywhere close to freezing point. Rainy days are quite rare, with only one week of rainfall in every four throughout the winter and spring, falling to just one rainy day a month in the peak of summer, and this means whatever time of year you schedule your trip, you should enjoy plenty of sunshine.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays are all about top-to-toe indulgence. If you want to spend a week relaxing in the comfort of your resort, you can. If it’s top-class food and drink you’re after, your luxury hotel will boast the best in menus. With a luxury holiday you can dream up anything you want. How much you spend is up to you, and the amount of pampering you receive could range from a simple post-swim massage to a full spa treatment or a lazy champagne breakfast. Sardinia offers that quiet refinement and laid-back glamour that’s so typical of luxury holidays. Known for its pristine beaches and beautiful coastline, it’s easy to be seduced by this island’s beauty.

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