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    Santorini, south-east of mainland Greece, is the most southerly of the Cyclades Islands, and includes as part of its archipelago neighbouring Therasia and several smaller, uninhabited islets. Keen historians may recognise the name Therasia for its similarity to Santorini's original name - Thera - the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in Earth's history, and a possible source for the modern day myth of Atlantis. This is an undeniably evocative island even in the present day, with the footprint of the Minoan eruption still easy to see, and indelibly etched on the Earth's surface here.

    Santorini - shaped by ancient eruption

    The volcanic history of Santorini is a compelling reason to visit the island, better known in mythology as Thera. Its last eruption was almost 4,000 years ago, at the height of the Minoan civilisation, and the present day bay is the caldera, or crater, left behind by the eruption, which explains its incredibly deep waters at about 400m depth. The Minoan eruption may have triggered a huge tsunami that would have engulfed nearby Crete, with dire consequences for the Minoans living there - a potentially catastrophic event that could have brought down civilisation in the region, and which some believe is the basis for the story of Atlantis.

    A taste of Santorini

    Santorini's climate seems like it should be inhospitable to plant life, and much of the water used by the human population is imported or produced via the island's desalination plant; however, some local vegetation has become prized for its unique tastes. Among them is the katsouni, a sweet, almost melon-flavoured cucumber, and the strongly flavoured deep red Santorini cherry tomato.

    When should I visit Santorini?

    Unusually, Santorini does not have a Mediterranean climate, but is instead classified as a desert climate, with greater distinction between summer and winter. Expect temperatures around 25-30°C in summer, with little to no rainfall, compared with up to 75mm rainfall in a month during the winter, and average highs of 14-15°C. Daily sunshine lasts for more than 12 hours from May through until August, making this a good time to visit if you want a hot, dry, sunny holiday. Sea temperatures peak in July-September, as they typically lag behind the rising air temperatures slightly, so consider visiting a little later if you plan to spend your time in the water.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    With a luxury holiday you can visit all those places you’ve always dreamed of holidaying in. If it’s beautiful sea views you’ve dreamed of, enjoy them from your very own private spa bath. If it’s pure and utter Romance you’re after, your luxury hotel will provide the perfect setting. With a luxury holiday, money is no object. The one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll enjoy will be well worth the cost. Luxury holidays in Santorini offer all you could want from a getaway. From the best sunset views in the world to colourful villages and tranquil beaches to explore; everything here is perfect.

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