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    Like much of Greece, Corfu has a long history, with written records of its existence and occupation dating back as far as 1,300 BC or thereabouts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the island also has links with early mythology too - some believe it is Scheria, which features in Homer's Odyssey, but this is debated. Less doubtful is its appearance in the Argonautica, the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, and Corfu's Medea's Cave was the location where Jason and Medea were married.

    Corfu - an island of distinction

    Corfu is unusual in that it is quite clearly divided into three distinct sections. The northernmost part - which includes Greece's furthest north-westerly parts - is more mountainous, with a range of peaks marking its southern edge. In the central band the island is gently undulating, with a second range bordering this part. Further south and as far as the coastline, the land becomes low-lying, and it is this difference in altitude that makes Corfu's geography most intriguing for many visitors.

    The sights and sounds of Corfu

    Head to Spianada Green in the summer months for the chance to witness a promenade concert by one of the island's three major marching philharmonic orchestras. Each of the three has two full bands of up to about 200 musicians, and during the summer you can see and hear them marching past the buildings that house their rivals. You'll know when they pass one of those buildings, because they will traditionally stop and serenade their opposition - both as a sign of respect, and as a challenge to the other philharmonics to try and produce music as beautiful as their own. Visit around Easter for the best chance to hear the sounds of all three orchestras, as they participate in the annual festivities of this key holy calendar event.

    When should I visit Corfu?

    For the warmest of the summer weather, Corfu has quite a long peak season, reaching into the 20°C as early as May, and staying there until October. Expect double figures on average all year round, with the chance of extremely hot summer days - the record highs for July and August are in the 40s, with temperatures recorded in the mid-30s in May, June and September too. The winter months can be colder, with record lows nearing -5°C, but in general these are extremes, and the average daily lows are more likely to be around the positive 5°C mark.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays on Corfu are about you and nobody else. If your heart is set on a champagne breakfast, your luxury hotel will provide it, and if you want a room with a spectacular sea view, they’ll make it happen. Paying a little more for a luxury package is well worth it on Corfu Island, and the level of service you receive during your stay is entirely up to you. Corfu offers world-class luxury, and while you may not have all the conveniences of city life on your doorstep, you will have some of the Greek Islands’ most impressive scenery to explore, and the traditional, meticulous attention to every last detail that the Greeks are famous for.

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