Family holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

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  • Sharm El Sheikh Family holidays

    Take a trip to one of the most popular destinations in Egypt - cheap family holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh put you in a region that has become so well known in its own right, that it is often thought of quite separately from the rest of the country. Even the entry requirements are a sign of this, as you can normally expect to stay for anywhere up to 14 days without needing a visa, a courtesy that is extended to residents both of the EU and the US. Instead, you just fill out a card when you land, and another one before you depart, making the resort a very easy place to take your family for a week or two.

    Make the most of the coast

    Family holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh are all about enjoying the coastal waters and the pristine beaches. One of the best is Naama Bay, and this could keep you and your kids entertained for a full day, not only thanks to the sheltered bathing waters of the bay itself, but also the souvenir shops and cafes along its shore. An ideal day out for families of all ages, as you can combine as much time on the sand or in the sea with as much shopping, food and drink as you fancy.

    All in one place

    The visa rules apply specifically to Sharm el-Sheikh - and if you want to travel far from the resort, you'll need to queue to buy a visa on arrival at the airport - but the relaxed entry requirements wouldn't be in place unless there was plenty to keep you occupied in the resort. Many of the hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, which makes it even smarter to stay close to base, where everything is prepaid as part of your ticket price.

    Seeing Red

    The Red Sea Coast line has caused more than a few sailors to come a cropper over the years, and a trip to Nabq Bay is a great addition to your itinerary for a bit of excitement on family holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh. Here there are shipwrecks to take a look at - abandoned skeletons of stranded vessels left on the sand or in the shallows where they ran aground. Perfect for pirate-loving kids, who can come up with their own ideas about the crews of the stricken ships.

    Why Sharm el-Sheikh is so great for families

    The people of Sharm el-Sheikh adore children and always go out of their way to ensure that younger visitors are made to feel just as welcome as their parents. Pristine waters, beachside cafes and spectacular shipwrecks await discovery on family holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh. You'll also find an impressive variety of family-focused attractions, suitable for children of all ages. All of this, coupled with the relaxed, welcoming attitude for which Sharm el-Sheikh is famous, means that tired families can reacquaint themselves with the art of relaxation as soon as they arrive at this unforgettable destination.

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