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Book a cheap flight to Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Hurghada for sun, sand and watersports. Beneath the crystal-clear waters a diver’s paradise awaits – but if you don’t fancy donning a wetsuit and gas tank there’s plenty of snorkelling, windsurfing and jet skiing opportunities on offer too.

Outside of the water the restaurants, bars and clubs, not to mention the entertainment complex of Sigala's swanky new marina, all await. And, as if that wasn’t enough, your flight to Hurghada also places a sightseeing trip to the Nile Valley pyramids all within reach too.

The only problem you’ll have is fitting it all in!

When to Book Cheap Flights to Hurghada

Hurghada’s sub-tropical desert climate gifts it mild and warm winters but it also bestows a summer that may see the mercury rise a little too high for those used to the UK weather.

Between May and September, the temperatures soar, with July being the hottest month. Flights booked during the October to April will see a comfortable heat for most – with an average of between 20 to 30oC.

The busiest times for flights from the UK to Hurghada are over the festive season and summer school holidays, if you avoid these, and the scorching months of May and June, you should be able to bag a bargain deal on your plane tickets to Egypt and enjoy a comfortable heat as well.

Flight prices can also rise in October when the resort hosts a Yacht Racing and Water Skiing Festival which attracts professionals and spectators from all over the world.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals to Hurghada

Being flexible about your departure points and dates helps you to find the best prices for flights to Newcastle when you search with Expedia. Here are some ways to do this.

  1. Check to see if there are departures from other UK airports that are convenient for you. To do this you can click on ‘Nearby airports’ and immediately see the price of flights from alternative locations.
  2. If you are flying from London try a search using ‘All London airports’. This opens out the choice of flights for you and may reveal significantly cheaper options.
  3. Consider a connecting rather than direct flight to Hurghada: often you can add just a little to your travel time but save a great deal on your ticket price by doing this.
  4. Clicking ‘Show flexible dates’ when your flight results are returned allows you to check if a day or two’s difference in your departure will significantly reduce the price of your Hurghada flight.

UK Departures to Hurghada

Optimal flight times from UK airports to Hurghada are:

Main Airports in Hurghada

The second busiest airport in Egypt, after Cairo, Hurghada International is located about three miles inland from El Dahar, the downtown of the city. This means that transfers to the resorts take little time.

Typically, your hotel will have arranged a shuttle service to take you from the airport to your accommodation. Failing that, car hire is available at the airport as are taxis.

Only private bus services run into the centre and these tend to get very crowded. You’ll need to call for the minibus to stop as there are no set drop-off points along the route. Regular buses run to the centre and resort area of Hurghada, as well as covering destinations such as Safaga, Al Quseir, El Gouna, Sharm El Naga, Al-Mahmya, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay.

Which Airlines Fly to Hurghada?

Airlines offering direct flights to Hurghada from the UK include:

In addition, connecting flights can be found with:

How to Get Around in Hurghada and Egypt

Most will opt for private tours – or hire a car and a driver – for their sightseeing, but within the area taxis are available and microbuses run throughout the day from central Ad Dahar, south along the resort strip, and along Sharia An Nasr and other major routes.

For longer trips flights are your best bet: offering the safest and most comfortable option of travelling longer distances within the country. Egypt Air offers daily flights between the capital and Hurghada, as well as other services such as flights to Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan.

What are the Must-Sees in Hurghada?

Apart from the unmissable sights under the water, where schools of tropical fish and colourful corals await, there’s plenty to see and do on land.

Ad-Dahar is the most ‘Egyptian’ part of Hurghada. The harbour is where you will find lively backstreets and a bustling souq crammed full of crafts and souvenirs.

Sigala is separated from the town proper by a sandy mountain but it’s worth making the trek over to enjoy this stylish new marina’s excellent dining options and inviting bars.

The Red Sea Mountains follow Egypt’s coast all the way down to Ethiopia. Here you will find many Bedouin tribes still living a nomadic existence. Take a camel or jeep safari to appreciate the desolate beauty of the mountains before sharing a cup of sugared-tea with a local Bedouin.

Tips for Travelling to Hurghada

Around September each year Ramadan sees Muslims fasting between dusk and dawn. This may mean that some businesses close, or keep only limited opening hours, and restaurants in the town may not open at all.


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