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    For most, it can be difficult to distinguish between two of the Mediterranean's largest islands - Sicily and Sardinia. One useful method is to think of the small fish that takes its name from the latter, as this can remind you that the island is the smaller of the two. But it still has plenty to offer. With a a land area larger than that of Cyprus, all-inclusive holidays in Sardinia let you get the most out of your time on the island, without running up any extra costs.

    On the tail of the Mistral

    The Mediterranean is known for having a warming effect in the winter months - a result of the warmth stored in the water after the long hot summers - but if you feel the breeze coming from the north-west while on cheap all-inclusive holidays to Sardinia, it might be the cooling Mistral. This arrives especially in the winter and spring, but can come at any time of year, and unusually it leaves behind slightly lower temperatures. This in itself can be more than welcome during the peak of summer, when the island's temperatures can range from 25°C, up to the mid 30’s.

    Sardinia by rail

    It's often quite unusual for an island to have a railway, but during all-inclusive Sardinia holidays, one extra cost you might want to budget for is a trip on the Trenino Verde, or Little Green Train. It's a narrow-gauge rail route that can show you a different point of view on the island's landmarks, and as you might imagine, it is highly popular among tourists, even if it is one of the slower routes on the island.

    Mediterranean delights

    One question you might ask is whether there is a connection between the island of Sardinia and the sardine itself, and the answer is yes - in fact, it is likely that the fish was originally named as such because it was found mainly off the island's coastline. Cheap all-inclusive holidays in Sardinia are an excellent way to put sardines on the menu, as many hotels will offer them as a snack at no extra cost, allowing you to sample this icon of Mediterranean cuisine in its homeland, either as a main meal or as a lighter bite at any time of day.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Sardinia?

    Soak up the sun and relax on this stunning Mediterranean island, where the pace of life is slow and the welcomes warm. Really kick back by choosing all-inclusive holidays in Sardinia and you won’t even have to worry about mealtimes. It’s all taken care of, right down to your drinks too. Recharge the batteries, hang out on the beach, and then head back to your hotel to find dinner ready for you. No washing up, no cooking, no booking. Just a convenient way of making the most of your stay.


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