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    Santorini is shaped by its volcanic past, making its bay a perfect destination for keen divers, with geology you're unlikely to find elsewhere. At 400m deep, its bay was created when a volcano erupted, leaving behind a steep-sided caldera whose flooded basin now offers unique swimming conditions, while its upper reaches can be seen as the steep cliffs that surround the bay. History buffs might be interested to know that this eruption is believed to have brought the local Minoan civilisation to an end, while the tsunami that followed it could also be the source of the legend of Atlantis.

    Santorini - footprints from the past

    The shape of Santorini's coastline isn't the only footprint left behind from that era - which was around 4,000 years ago - and those who know the story of Atlantis might know that at that time, the island was known as Thera. Since then it has been renamed as Santorini, but the neighbouring smaller island of Therasia is one place where the old name survives. The two, along with several smaller land masses, form an archipelago which is also known overall as Santorini, and if you're feeling adventurous on your Santorini holidays you might like to head to any of the islets for a day trip and a change of scenery.

    Santorini at its best

    For the best conditions, holidaymakers should head to to Santorini at the height of summer. It's likely to be a little hotter than the typical Mediterranean climate - in the upper 20’s Celsius - and very dry throughout the main summer season. From May until August, the sun sets over 12 hours after it rises, giving you the most time to explore and work on your tan. There's slightly more of a difference between the summer and the winter, with the coldest part of the year still coming in at a pleasant 15°C, so there's really no bad time to take holidays in Santorini.

    Why should I go all-inclusive to Santorini?

    An all-inclusive Santorini holiday is an excellent way to keep your budget in check, as well as making sure you have everything you need during your stay. Your accommodation is covered in the price of course, but other costs like food, drink and some of your entertainment might also be paid for when you book.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Santorini?

    As one of the most iconic destinations in the Greek Islands, Santorini is a place where you come to relax and sample the local culture. With so much to see and do, there’s no time to waste worrying about booking a table or paying for your drinks. An all-inclusive holiday takes care of everything. All your meals and drinks come as part of the package, helping you to stay on budget while making the most of every day. Cheap all-inclusive holidays to Santorini are a weight off your mind, so just relax and drink it in.

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