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  • Corfu All inclusive holidays

    Whether you are attracted by its ancient history, mythology and legends, or by its unique geography and picturesque coastline, Corfu is a popular holiday destination with Brits of all ages. All-inclusive holidays on Corfu Island are an ideal way to put yourself at the heart of this compelling location for a period of rest, recuperation, sunbathing or activity, whatever it takes to make your holiday one you will truly enjoy. It'll be all free from the worry of having to budget for the duration of your break, as all of the essentials should be covered.

    Corfu - from the peaks to the plains

    Even if you spend your whole holiday in your own resort, the geography of Corfu is still worth taking an interest in. Although it is an island - and you might therefore expect the landscape to be quite consistent throughout - Corfu actually has three clear parts to it. The south is flat and close to sea level, while as you travel north you reach a ridge, beyond which the middle band of the island is hillier. Then you encounter a second line of high ground and north of this there are mountains.

    Corfu - the myths and legends

    Corfu has been known to be occupied since the 14th century BC, and there were probably people living there in small numbers even before that. It features in the legends of Jason and the Argonauts, and in fact Medea's Cave on Corfu is named after the hero's wife, and is believed to be the location where their wedding took place. Spend any time exploring Corfu and you can't escape the sense of ancient history that underpins even its more modern communities - a feeling of being in touch with the past that can prove hugely attractive for visitors from all over the world.

    What do you get on all-inclusive holidays to Corfu?

    Your surroundings might feel timeless, and on all-inclusive Corfu holidays many of the facilities are timeless too, with the option to ask for food and drink around the clock. Exact serving times will differ depending on the hotel's bar and kitchen facilities, and so on, so double check before you try to get a three-course meal at 4am. Generally speaking, all-inclusive holidays to Corfu will include reasonable food and drink requests at no extra cost, along with your travel and accommodation.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Corfu?

    By choosing a cheap all-inclusive holiday to Corfu you are giving yourself the luxury of relaxing into your trip from the very moment you arrive. With all your accommodation, meals and drinks already taken care of you can get on with exploring this beautiful and ancient island. An all-inclusive holiday will take all the worry out of your time in Corfu. The only thing you will need to concentrate on is whether you will spend the whole day on the beach or take in some of the fascinating culture of this gorgeous island.

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