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    Ask most holidaymakers to name the countries on the Red Sea Coast, and they might only get as far as Egypt, but in fact all-inclusive Red Sea holidays could include any one of up to six different destinations. Along with Egypt, there's Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as Djibouti, Sudan and Eritrea, while on the connected Gulf of Aqaba there are shores in Jordan and Israel in addition to those of Egypt and Saudi Arabia - and you may sometimes see these referred to as the Red Sea Coast too, taking the list to eight. Look out for holidays on the Gulf of Suez too, which is also at the north of the Red Sea but is entirely within Egypt.

    Where to visit on the Red Sea

    Egypt is the first destination many people will name, and this is not without good reason. The ‘Red Sea Riviera’ is found here, and again, cheap all-inclusive holidays on the Red Sea Coast may include some on the Gulf of Aqaba, whose western coastline in Egypt is often referred to as being part of this Riviera. You might see some of the small Egyptian islands in the sea itself listed as options too - but with thousands of kilometres of shore on the mainland alone, there's plenty to choose from when deciding exactly where to go.

    When to head to the Red Sea

    The high salt content of the water means that it can store heat well, and this combines with the area's very hot climate to create some very warm swimming conditions. At up to 30°C in the summer months and only a few degrees colder in winter, all-inclusive holidays on the Red Sea Coast might leave you feeling like you just stepped into a heated swimming pool on a vast scale. Go in summer for the warmest water, although the difference might feel at its most pronounced during the depths of winter.

    What's it like on land?

    The Sea itself isn't the only source of year-round warmth, and the coastal resorts stay quite hot and dry throughout the winter. It's no surprise that cheap all-inclusive holidays on the Red Sea Coast are used by many holidaymakers to get some extra sun in the winter, rather than during the hottest summer months.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to the Red Sea Coast?

    The historic Red Sea Coast is home to some of the world’s best and biggest resorts. And the best way to enjoy them is by choosing an all-inclusive package. Soak up all the sun by the pool or on the beach, try water sports or visit historical sites and then head back to find your dinner prepared for you, with everything pre-paid. No hassles, no working out tips, just relaxed all-inclusive holidays on the Red Sea Coast - the way you’ve always imagined.

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