Are you a self-professed movie buff? Can you name every Bond villain? Do you know the difference between an indie flick and a cult classic? Do you know who won Best Actress at the Academy Awards five years ago? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then our Ultimate Movie Buff Hotel Guide is for you.

We have chosen ten movies loved and revered by both fans and critics alike, and ten real hotels where some of the most iconic cinematic moments of all time took place. On top of this we’ve given you some fun facts and trivia to impress your friends at the next movie night. In need of inspiration for your next getaway? We’ve got your back with this infographic for cinephiles.

We all recognise the decadent surroundings of Caesar’s Palace from the movie The Hangover and that legendary bathroom scene in Pretty Woman is unmistakably taken from The Beverly Wilshire. But did you know that Gil came home to Le Bristol Paris Hotel after a long night of time travel in Midnight in Paris? Or that Degli Orafi is where that Room with a View really is? Well now you can!

We have compiled a collection of movies from blockbusters like Casino Royale, where Daniel Craig swaggered about the decadent Grandhotel Pupp, to Oscar darlings like Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Almost Famous. Our hotels stretch across the world like the luxury Plaza Hotel in New York, the classic Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo and the quaint charm of Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce in Bruges, to the rich heart of Hotel Des Mille Collines, so you won’t be limited in your choice!

This infographic gives you a glimpse into which famous faces have graced the lobbies and suites of these immortal hotels and it also offers up some clever trivia: did you know Cate Blanchett named her dog Carol after her character in the eponymous film? Or that Luc Besson’s Lucy took a mere nine weeks to film? So how long did that infamous overdose scene at Hotel Regent take to film?

Enjoy a slice of cinematic wanderlust and soon you could be jetting off to Tokyo to sip cocktails in the exact same spot of Park Hyatt as Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray in Lost in Translation or in a nostalgia-inducing booth at The Drake!

Check out our infographic to start planning your hotel getaway today and you’ll soon be re-enacting your favourite scenes from the movies. Lights, Camera, Action!