If you’re planning a trip abroad for business or leisure, your choice of suitcase or cabin luggage is almost as important as what you choose to put inside. Whether you love packing or loathe it, we’ve got the ultimate guide to the best luggage to get your next holiday off to the best possible start.

Hold luggage suitcases – hard shell

Hard shell suitcases are all about durability and longevity. If you’re concerned about keeping your belongings well-protected against baggage handler bashes, or you often travel with fragile goods in your suitcase, a hard shell suitcase may be the best option for you. This type of suitcase may be heavier than the soft shell equivalent, so compare weights when you’re shopping around.

Hold luggage suitcases – soft shell

Soft shell suitcases are a preferred option for some travellers. Usually lighter in weight and durable enough for the average holidaymaker, there are plenty of sizes and types of soft shell suitcase on offer. You can usually find handy extras like additional pockets or eye-catching patterns on this type of suitcase, and when going into battle at baggage claim, this can be priceless.

Suitcases – two wheels or four wheels?

Two wheels or four wheels? While this may not be at the forefront of your mind before your holiday, it will impact the convenience and manoeuvrability of your suitcase. Suitcase manufacturers still give consumers a whole variety of options for both, so you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Four wheel suitcases or spinners have become popular in recent years as they are particularly easy to manoeuvre through the crowds when you’re winding your way through the airport. However, some people swear by the traditional 2 wheels for durability. The choice is yours!

Hand luggage

Any traveller with more than a couple of flights under their belt will be aware of airlines’ strict rules on the size of cabin luggage these days. For some people, the easiest option for keeping abreast of the regulations is to buy a piece of hand luggage that meets the size requirements exactly, so there’s no chance of a potentially expensive surprise at the check-in desk. Check out the size guidelines of all major airlines on our support page and start your search for a handy rolling carry-on that fits the bill for all your hand luggage needs.


Sometimes, practicality and functionality win out, especially when travel is involved. A backpack can be a great option, either as an alternative to a suitcase or in a smaller size for your cabin luggage. In fact, why not use a backpack for both?! No matter what size you’re looking for, there will be a rucksack out there for you. Did we mention the added bonus of having two hands free to keep your passport, kids or cup of coffee safely secured?

Duffle bags

Duffle bags work well for all flights, whether you have a well-worn duffle that’s been around the world and back or you’ve dropped some cash on a designer name. Depending on the size, a trusty duffle could be your go-to bag for a cabin luggage-only short haul flight. With a handy duffle within easy reach, you’ll always be ready to drop everything and take advantage of those last minute city break deals.

Kids suitcases

Travelling with kids is fun, but it does require some forward thinking. Planning well and being prepared for everything will get you through the worst, but remember to keep your little ones engaged and excited about the prospect of travelling too! Letting your kids pack their own suitcase or rucksack for the plane will help you prepare them for travelling and make sure they stay entertained for the whole journey. And, with lots of ride-on kids suitcases on the market, your little one can clamber on board and be wheeled safely to where you need to go.