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Anakena Beach featuring a beach as well as a small group of people

Hanga Roa Attractions

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Places of interest in Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa is crammed with must-see places to visit and things to do. We can help you decide where to stay in Hanga Roa, and make it a breeze to explore Hanga Roa and the surrounding areas with our guides on where to go, what to see and when to see it. No matter how long your stay, it’s easy to find places of interest in Hanga Roa to make sure that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest and don’t miss a thing. Leave the local knowledge to us and leave the hassle behind.

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Hanga Roa attractions

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Top things to do in Hanga Roa

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Top places to visit

1. Rapa Nui National Park

Explore the great outdoors at Rapa Nui National Park, a lovely green space in Hanga Roa. You can seek out the local tours while in the area.
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Explore the great outdoors at Rapa Nui National Park, a lovely green space in Hanga Roa. You can seek out the local tours while in the area.

2. Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach is a stunning stretch of fine white coral sand dotted with palm trees that sway in the wind. Its soft sand is unusual for the island, whose coastline is otherwise rocky. Take a dip in the ocean water and dry off in the sun.
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Relax on this sandy shoreline and learn about its history as the likely entry point for Easter Island’s first settlers many centuries ago.

3. Ahu Tongariki

The largest spiritual site of its kind on Easter Island, Ahu Tongariki comprises a long platform and 15 carved stone figures, known as moai, of varying shapes and sizes. The indigenous Rapa Nui people used to congregate in this central location, which was the capital of the southeastern part of the island. Spend time learning about the ancient practice of crafting moai and discover what each statue symbolizes.
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The largest of its type on Easter Island, this impressive ceremonial platform features 15 huge head-and-torso stone statues lined up in a row.

4. Rano Raraku

Found on the lower slopes of the Terevaka Volcano, the Rano Raraku volcanic crater is where Easter Islanders quarried rock to make their world-famous moai head statues. Today, 397 moai sculptures remain scattered on the site, many of which are incomplete. Inspect the vast range of moais, which includes the island’s largest statue and other distinctive figures.
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See a carved stone figure that is almost twice the height of any other statue on Easter Island and hundreds more sculptures at this volcanic crater.

5. Ranu Kau

Rano Kau is one of the natural highlights of this tiny Pacific island. The volcano reaches a height of 1,063 feet (324 meters) and forms the southwestern cape of Easter Island. Hike to the top and marvel at the panoramic views overlooking the ocean, the island and the freshwater crater lake.
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Climb to the top of this extinct volcano for spectacular views of the ocean and the rest of this picturesque island.

Popular places to visit in Hanga Roa