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Guangzhou showing a square or plaza, modern architecture and a skyscraper

Guangzhou Attractions

A cosmopolitan atmosphere, bustling commerce and avant-garde architecture all make Guangzhou, formerly Canton, a delight to visit. This liberal city, the third largest in China, plays a central role in modern China and attracts tourists from all over the globe. The Canton Fair brings business travel to the city to take part in the frantic atmosphere of negotiations and deals. There is a culturally diverse population and eclectic culture that guarantees Guangzhou has something to offer every traveller. In its renowned restaurants you can sample delicious Cantonese cuisine, try foods from all over China or enjoy quality international fare.

Areas & Neighborhoods in Guangzhou

City Centre - Wander through the futuristic architecture of the city centre and shop in the city’s numerous malls.

Shamian Island - Shamian Island is an oasis in the city. Old houses, beautiful boulevards, pretty gardens and charming art galleries characterise this area.

Tianhe - This area has gone through a radical shift from an ancient farming village to the business district of Guangzhou and is now the home of many skyscrapers and expat communities.

Panyu - Visit the theme park and take in the view of hundreds of thousands of lotus flowers on the breathtaking Lianhua Mountain and the spectacular scenery that surrounds the city.

Things to See in Guangzhou

Many gorgeous gardens can be found in Guangzhou, including that of Yuyin Mountain Villa. This picturesque classical garden of elegant pavilions, sparkling lakes and delicate terraces is a lovely location for a picnic. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King are important sights for history lovers. These traditional buildings have many ornate carvings, statues and paintings that tell fascinating stories about Chinese history. Lie back and watch Guangzhou pass by with a cocktail on a boat tour down the Pearl River. This is a stunning setting for a romantic date at sunset.

Things to Do in Guangzhou

Discover dried seahorses and many curious fragrant potions at the Qingping Chinese Medicine Market. Art lovers will enjoy visiting the old Canned Food Factory which is now the Redtory art village, an area filled with quirky galleries, shops and cafes where you can pick up souvenirs and gifts to take home. Take a tour of the pretty rehearsal studios and the grand halls of the Guangzhou Opera House before you take in a show here in the evening. The Buddhist Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is an enchanting place whilst a hike up to the Star Touching Peak (at 382m) of Baiyun Mountain offers a challenging walk for outdoors enthusiasts.

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