6th Arrondissement Travel Guide

6th Arrondissement featuring a city, heritage elements and street scenes
Read about Parisian intelligentsia, discover the lively Latin Quarter and enjoy scenic gardens and bohemian café culture.

The 6th Arrondissement is known for its acclaimed academies and parks and the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. It is considered the intellectual hub of Paris with links to thinkers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. Browse the many art galleries lining the streets for a better understanding of the city’s academia.

Sit at a café on the corner of a street and embrace the zone’s bohemian ideals. Les Deux Magots Café is the most famous meeting place of the learned and artistic, where Picasso, James Joyce and other geniuses of their fields drank and talked.

Discover the historic region of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which began as a market village around a 6th-century abbey. Gaze up at the intriguing bell tower and learn about the church’s fascinating history. In the surrounding area are bookstalls, quaint cafés and markets. Purchase a second-hand novel by Albert Camus or Emile Zola and stroll along the cobblestone alleys.

Walk south from the river through the side streets of the Latin Quarter. Visit the Sorbonne, a world-famous university competitive with Harvard and Oxford. Peruse the quirky shops and jazz clubs of this lively neighbourhood. Come here for a range of international cuisine at restaurants and food stalls.

Learn about the city though the various museums, such as the National Museum of the Middle Ages. It covers themes such as the Roman occupation, Gothic architecture and medieval works of art. Find out about the history of coins and medals at the Musée de la Monnaie.

Enjoy a picnic among the fountains of the Jardin du Luxembourg, which dates back to 1612. Stroll past the landscaped gardens, tree-lined paths and ponds of the 62-acre (25-hectare) park. See the elegant Medici Fountain from 1630.

This arrondissement starts on the Seine River in the centre of the city and spreads south past many metro stations. Its southern border is near the Montparnasse Tower and its cemetery.

The 6th Arrondissement is a place to mingle with the country’s avant-garde thinkers in cafés and museums.

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