Top Cities in Wyoming

Pocket Guide: Wyoming

The USA’s least densely populated state, Wyoming is a little slice of heaven on Earth. Isolated and serene, even Wyoming’s largest city, Cheyenne, has less than 100,000 inhabitants. Rugged mountain ranges, pallid freshwater lakes and tranquil blue skies define Wyoming. It is also famous for being home to the world’s first and most geologically active National Park, Yellowstone National Park. Whether you’re a keen hiker, cyclist, angler, wildlife spotter, or just want to see the region’s geothermal oddities, pay a visit here and you’ll certainly not find yourself wondering why you booked a hotel in Wyoming.

Top Wyoming Hotel Locations

Yellowstone National Park — Almost 3,500 square miles of untamed wilderness make up Yellowstone National Park. Famous for its hot springs and geysers, such as Old Faithful and Steamboat, Yellowstone owes its geothermal activity to the intimidating fact that the park is located inside the world’s largest active volcano.

Cody — The small historic city of Cody is named after William Cody, perhaps better known as Buffalo Bill. Unsurprisingly, the city’s Wild West heritage plays a key role in its culture, even today. Cody has its own Rodeo, some top hotels and is also the birthplace of the famous Abstract Expressionist, Jackson Pollock.

Grand Teton National Park — Smaller and less geologically active than Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park nevertheless has some impressive sights of its own. Home to the Teton Mountain Range (the end of the Rockies) and the towering 4,000 metre Grand Teton Peak, the park is particularly popular with mountaineers.

Jackson Hole — The valley of Jackson Hole is located within Grand Teton National Park, and its wide array of wildlife makes it a top destination for nature lovers. The only town in the valley, Jackson, is a preserved community that draws visitors to its unique heritage sites, as well as its fine dining, shopping and nearby ski resort.

Things to See with a Hotel in Wyoming

See the best of the sights on offer by booking a private tour of one of Wyoming’s beautiful National Parks. Hopefully you’ll get to see Old Faithful in action – this famous geyser regularly erupts in an energetic ejection of steaming water, heated to boiling temperatures by the Earth’s natural heat. In fact, Yellowstone has the greatest abundance of geothermally active features on Earth, so you’ll be spoiled for choice if you want to get an unusual photograph.

Outdoor activities are big on the agenda in Wyoming. To get a feel for the region, discover Yellowstone National Park with a driving tour of its lower and upper loops, or take a self-guided tour of the nearby Grand Teton National Park. If you’re lucky, you might spot some bison, elk or even a bear. There are some excellent city attractions in Wyoming too, if that’s up your street. For instance, learn all about the region’s railroad history with a trip to the Cheyenne Transportation Museum, learn about the old wild west at the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West in Cody, or discover the fascinating 19th century military re-enactments at Fort Casper. The choices are almost endless.