Top Cities in Pennsylvania

Pocket Guide: Pennsylvania

Renowned as the seat of the American Revolution, historic Pennsylvania really rewards inquisitive travellers. Once home to the fledgling nation’s first ever capital, the state transformed into an industrial powerhouse before becoming the tourism and hotel hotspot it is today. Its major cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are the main draws, but the tranquil farming country and unique Amish areas also have their own distinct appeal. To the west of the state, the Pennsylvania Wilds is a expanse of wild forest that feels a world away from the rust belt and honest charm of the state’s major population centres.

Top Pennsylvania Hotel Locations

Alleghenies and Susquehanna Valley - Incorporating the state capital at Harrisburg, this valley is also where you’ll find pockets of Amish and Mennonite, people who still farm their land the way it was done in the 18th Century.

Pittsburgh - A classic industrial American town with a big heart, Pittsburgh is also a city with a fascinating past. The area around the city is also surprisingly beautiful, making it even more rewarding to book a hotel in.

Philadelphia - Philly and the revolution will forever be intrinsically linked. It’s where you’ll find the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall where the constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed. A hotel in Philadelphia is a must for history buffs.

Erie Region - The area that surrounds the shoreline of the huge Lake Erie and a major population centre. It’s a great place to visit to enjoy the benefits of the lake and the town of Erie itself.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Pennsylvania

Discover the rust belt charm of two of the country’s most historic and iconic cities. In Philadelphia, see the Liberty Bell that rang out when independence was declared, and visit the spot where the American Constitution was signed. Head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and have your photo taken at the Rocky Steps. Pittsburgh, the state’s other major city, is also a great place to visit. A onetime manufacturing centre, it’s a city on the up. Outside the urban areas, the farmland is where you’ll find communities of Amish and Mennonites, people who live and work in the same way they have done since the 18th century.

Eating is a big part of life here, with the Philly cheesesteak and hoagie sandwich absolute musts for the hungry. There’s a whole range of other local specialities to sample, including scrapple, whoopie pie and more. There are some top amusement parks in the state, like Kennywood and Sesame Place, and grownups might like to try their luck in one of the many casinos. Go hiking in the Pennsylvania Wilds or visit some of the world class historical sites on offer and learn about ghosts. Pennsylvania is alive with history and culture, and with regeneration in full flow, has a very promising future.