Top Cities in Czech Republic

Pocket Guide: Czech Republic

The fall of the Iron Curtain gifted the rest of the world plenty of sweetness and light: the Czech Republic and its capital, Prague, now rank among the most desirable destinations to book a hotel in Europe. Picture yourself roaming the scenic landscapes and elegant castles of Bohemia, the rolling hills and prestigious wineries of Moravia or the cobbled streets and historic architecture of Prague. With its combination of fascinating history, cultural significance and unspoilt natural beauty, the Czech Republic captivates you from start to finish.

Top Czech Republic Hotel Locations

Prague - The capital city is certainly a party town but it’s much more besides. It has diverse architectural styles in its old town, the bizarre yet captivating Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry and the historically significant Wenceslas Square. That being said, Prague’s reputation for beer is deserved, attested to be the many brewery tours that operate. There’s so much to see and do when you book a hotel in Prague.

Brno - Centrepiece of Moravia, the country’s preeminent wine region, with a hotel in Brno you will find the famous Villa Tugendhat, a landmark of modernist architecture, focusing on a functionalist ethic, with a unique onyx wall that changes colour as the sun sets. Overlooking the city from Petrov Hill are two masterpieces of from the medieval period, Špilberk castle and fortress and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

Karlovy Vary - Take the waters in this picture-postcard beautiful spa town in western Bohemia. The health-giving hot springs have made Karlovy Vary a desirable hotel destination for generations, as has the unique and brightly-coloured architecture.

Bohemian Paradise - A beautiful protected area with a variety of landscapes which, handily, covers only a small area, making it easy to get around. Discover ancient castles, romantic chateaux, sandstone pillars reaching up into the sky and miles of wooded or mountainous terrain to hike over with a hotel in Bohemian Paradise.

Telč - With its charming Italian Renaissance architecture straight out of a fairytale, Telč is a lovely city to wander around, or just pause for a coffee in the beautiful main square to drink in the sedate atmosphere.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in the Czech Republic

If you have a head for heights then one of the best ways to see the spectacular Old Town of Prague is from above, with a hot air balloon trip. The views are particularly beautiful as the sun sets. A few hours south of Prague, you can visit the elegant city of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to discover the gorgeous Baroque theatre in Castle Park. Heading out into the countryside. Šumava National Park, a vast expanse of protected national forests, offers mountainous peaks, glacial lakes and many other pristine natural environments to explore.

An immense variety of holidays are available in the Czech Republic, from wine tasting to skiing, rock-climbing to luxurious spa breaks. Many choose to arrive in Prague when visiting the country for the first time, which while relatively compact can still wear out your shoe leather after a few days of sightseeing - so much to see, so little time. Happily for those who prefer not to tire their legs out, guided segway tours of Prague are available that take you past key sights including Prague Castle, the Estates Theatre and Wenceslas Square.