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  • Lake Garda Luxury holidays

    One of the greatest lake destinations in the world is Lake Garda. Home to Italy's largest body of water, this stunning destination is found in the north of the country, between Milan and Venice. It was formed at least in part through glacial action, and its northern end is naRower, suRounded by spectacular mountain scenery. Garda is large enough to contain several small islands, and is fed by several rivers and small mountain streams, with just a single outlet, the Mincio River, which can be thought of as a continuation of Garda's main tributary, the Sarca River.

    Ride the waves on Lake Garda

    Technically the only waves on Lake Garda are likely to come from the wake of your own boat, but there are plenty of other outlets, from powered cruisers to kayaks, water skis to windsurfs. The latter, along with kite surfing, are great ways to combine the calm waters of the lake with the breeze that typically blows through the valley, helping you to get up to speed. Head into the mountains to the north of the lake and at certain times of year it is even possible to ski on the natural snow runs at the highest altitudes.

    Lake Garda's gastro festivals

    Gastronomy is celebrated in the Lake Garda region - quite literally, with several food-related festivals throughout the year. In January, Torri del Benaco on the eastern shore hosts an olive festival, with Bardolino the destination of choice for May’s wine festival. In September a further wine festival takes place in Bardolino; and finally in October, head to Lazise for the honey festival.

    When should I visit Lake Garda?

    The lake's location helps to enhance the Mediterranean climate even further, with the shelter of the surrounding mountains, and the water of the lake storing heat. Daily temperatures range from the high single figures in the winter months, right up to around 30°C in the summer, and in the hottest period in July and August, the breeze coming off the lake itself can be very welcome indeed. Cooler temperatures in the low to mid-20s can be enjoyed in the spring and autumn. April, May and September still offer plenty of hours of sunshine, with the water of the lake slightly warmer in autumn than in the spring, thanks to retaining some of the heat of the summer months.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays to Lake Garda allow you to experience its true magic. If you want to stay in a prime location on the lake, you can. If you want to tuck into olives and wine, take your pick at your luxury hotel. With a luxury holiday you get to experience the best of the best. Even if it’s just a little indulgence you’re after, the added expense will still be worth it. Lake Garda offers a unique array of sights and experiences, putting it on many holidaymakers bucket lists. While it doesn’t offer the hustle and bustle of other Italian hotspots, it’s still one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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