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With Expedia, finding cheap flights to Naples is now easier than ever. Users are guaranteed to find cheap flight tickets to Naples and will also be able to browse through hundreds of hotels in Naples to save even more.

Flying to Naples is easy and straightforward with flights leaving regularly from the UK. There are a number of airports and airlines that will take tourists to within touching distance of Italy's capital and many will provide flight tickets to Naples that will suit any budget.

The city is a standing monument to its past with the historic city of Pompeii a short distance from the more modern city centre. Rent a car in Naples and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside that surrounds the city and uncover hidden gems of your own. The warm climate, year round, is another added bonus of this picturesque region of Italy.

Many hotels in Naples are set in historic buildings that have been standing for centuries. Providing options for all budgets, from the most luxurious to more affordable options for budget conscious couples and families. Check your hotel's location and make your holiday in Naples even more convenient.

Booking flights to Naples with Expedia guarantees the best price for every trip. However, this is not the extent of the savings you can have with Expedia. For further savings also consider booking your hotel or car hire in Naples through Expedia. Finding cheap flights to Naples couldn't be easier; make your next holiday destination Naples and book today!

Flying to Naples from UK airports

With Expedia, customers can choose the cheapest flights to Naples from a range of quality airlines (including British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM).

Flying time to Naples from London is approximately 3 hours and is a direct flight. From other UK destinations, flying times will be considerably longer and direct flights are not always available. For passengers with a EU passport, there are no visa requirements for flying to Naples and visitors should not expect any significant delays at customs.

Flights to Naples Airport

Many cheap flights to Naples can be had by booking flights with Expedia. Budget airlines, (including Easyjet) have frequent flights to Naples and given its close proximity to the city centre, car hire in Naples could be just the addition to your holiday itinerary.

In the UK, major airports like London Heathrow and London Gatwick have regular flights to Naples, however, many smaller airports around the UK also fly to Naples (including London Stansted and Birmingham), although may not provide direct flights.

For those travellers not wanting to rent a car in Naples the transport options from Naples Airport will have to choose between the bus or a taxi. The Metro line connecting the airport to the city will not be opened before the end of 2011. There are fixed rate taxis from the airport to the city centre that so be sure to know the cost before agreeing to a cab ride. Alternatively the bus is convenient, yet by no means an express route to the city centre.

Car hire in Naples, when booked with Expedia, is extremely affordable and can add an extra dimension to any holiday in Naples. The car journey from the airport is well sign-posted and only 7km, meaning most trips will take less than half an hour. The benefit of a rental car means visitors can explore the beautiful surrounding regions of Naples as well. Rome, Bari and other major Italian cities are well connected via motorways, whilst the more rural region of Southern Italy is right on Naples' doorstep. With a rental car all this, and more, can be easily explored

Flying to Naples is now easier and more convenient than ever before, allowing millions of people to enjoy the amazing history and beauty of one of Italy's major southern cities. Book your holiday to Naples with Expedia and you will be eligible for significant savings on, not only your flight but hotels and rental car as well. Timeless Naples is waiting for you, book your trip today!

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