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  • Lake Como Luxury holidays

    Lake Como is Italy's third-largest body of water, and is also the name given to the tourist area surrounding the lake and its shores. In many places the two become one, with hotel swimming pools floating on the lake, and much of the tourism activity focused on ferry routes along the edge of the lake. It takes its name from the nearby city of Como, and the two are always referred to separately: 'Como' for the city, but 'Lake Como' in full for the body of water and the general tourist destination.

    Lake Como - the sleepy valley

    While the lake takes its name from the city, the city in turn takes its name from the landscape – the origins of which date back to the Roman word Comum, meaning 'valley'. This natural formation gives the lake and its shores a feeling of ease, with calm conditions relaxing tourists who visit. It's of little surprise that celebrities ranging from Sylvester Stallone to George Clooney have been known to own properties in the area, retreating from the glare of the Hollywood spotlight. The natural geological origins of the lake also help to explain its unusual shape, with three individual 'legs' reaching out from its central point in a broad Y-shape.

    See the sights of Lake Como

    The main attraction of the area is the lake itself, and many holidaymakers focus their activities on the water or on exploring the various small communities around it. Lake Como's unusual elongated Y-shape makes it perfect for this, as you travel up and down its fairly straight banks in the same way you might take in a beach or stretch of riverbank.

    When should I visit Lake Como?

    For a soothing and luxury break in Lake Como, head over in midsummer, when temperatures reach around 30°C while the waters of the lake itself are at about 24°C. The best month for this is July, but if you want to avoid getting rained on, you should try not to make your visit in May, as this is when precipitation levels are at their highest. There is also a chance of snow during the winter months, when temperatures fall close to freezing, but this is usually found only on higher ground. Across the board, you should expect a Mediterranean climate, which contributes towards Lake Como's popularity among all types of holidaymakers.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays are all about you taking some time out to relax and recharge. If you want to wake up to panoramic views every morning, just look outside your hotel window. If it’s an adventure you’re after, enjoy a water-based activity on the lake. The object of a luxury holiday is to design a holiday to suit you, and no one else. By paying that little bit extra, you can enjoy a bespoke holiday rather than something generic. Lake Como offers history, Romance, and spectacular scenery, making it a magnet for all holidaymakers. While you may not have golden beaches, you will have stunning vistas to admire, gastronomical delights to enjoy, and so many Italian hotspots, like Milan, within easy reach.

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