Family holidays in Minorca

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  • Minorca Family holidays

    An island of contrasts, Minorca manages to pack in peaceful beach resorts and lively festivals, despite being one of the smallest of the Balearic Islands - its name alone refers to the fact that it is the more 'minor' of two neighbouring islands, the larger of which you might logically work out is Majorca. A family package holiday on Minorca can be anything you want it to be, with entertainment in the resorts, picturesque coastal paths and traditional celebrations in the local towns and villages at weekends from the springtime throughout the summer months.

    Activities for the family

    Although Minorca has a reputation for being one of the quieter islands, that doesn't mean there's nothing going on during family holidays on Minorca. In fact, when you book a hotel that is aimed specifically at the family market, you're in with a great chance of benefiting from activities to keep the kids occupied throughout the daytimes, and to give mum and dad some time to enjoy the beach or the pool without distractions too. You'll often get evening entertainment included as well, which can finish off your day until it is time to take the children up to the room and put them to bed.

    Coast to coast

    Minorca's coastal path is a relatively recent addition, and has been completed so that you could, theoretically, walk all the way around the island given enough time. What this means for cheap family holidays on Minorca is that you might be able to stroll along to the next resort if it's not too far, or just a short distance out of your own resort to explore the woodlands and valleys nearby, many of which also have caves to peer inside.

    A time to party

    You definitely should not miss out on the festivals if your cheap family holiday in Minorca is at the right time of year. There's usually one each weekend from the spring until late summer, but you'll need to find out where the next one is taking place. It's worth making the effort as you'll get to attend a true celebration, with locals and tourists alike taking to the streets, including some on horseback. Look out for lavish fireworks displays as the evening draws to a close, and for the street sellers with cups of gin and bitter lemon on sale from their carts.

    Why Minorca is so great for families

    The people of Minorca are warm and friendly, and they love children, which is why they always make sure younger visitors receive the same enthusiastic welcome as their parents. Fun-filled festivals, pristine, sandy beaches and traditional markets can all be enjoyed during family holidays in Minorca. What's more, this enchanting island is home to a wealth of family-orientated attractions. Throw Minorca's agreeable climate and laid-back culture into the mix and you've got a fantastic destination, where even the most stressed out of families will be inspired to relearn the art of relaxation.

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