Family holidays in La Palma

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  • La Palma Family holidays

    You may feel like you want a change from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, or they might not appeal to you at all - perhaps you have visited mainland Spain or the Balearics and want to try the Canaries next. Whatever the reason, cheap family holidays in La Palma put you on the fifth largest of the Canaries, which has its own distinct culture within the group as a whole. Like the other Canaries, La Palma is volcanic in origin, and this gives rise to features like the famous black sand that the islands are well known for.

    La Isla Bonita

    La Palma has the nickname 'Isla Bonita', meaning beautiful island, and during your family holiday on La Palma, be sure to leave plenty of time for sightseeing to discover how well it lives up to this description. The vast Caldera de Taburiente National Park in the north is a broad hollow, again caused by volcanic activity, which is protected by the authorities. It's a wilderness on what is otherwise a very hospitable rock, and a fine example of the local balance between man and nature.

    Island of adventure

    All of this adds up to the ideal destination for an adventure, so make the most of your cheap family holidays on La Palma and get out with your kids to explore where possible. If you're happier in the water than you are walking, then you can hit the waves instead, going for a swim, snorkelling or scuba diving if you have the right equipment or can find somewhere to hire it from. There are plenty more activities you could try besides, so let your mind run wild.

    Keep the kids involved

    family holidays on La Palma are as much about the children's entertainment as about your own, so make sure you check upfront if they will be able to join in with their favourite activities. The hotels might be aimed particularly at families with younger children, and on an island where tourism is a key economic contributor - not to mention one that is subject to the infamous warm Canaries welcome - that should mean youngsters never need to feel left out. If you're not sure, read through the description of your chosen break to see exactly what is and isn't covered, or what might be selected as an add-on or upgrade.

    Why La Palma is so great for families

    The residents of La Palma have a great affection for young visitors and go out of their way to make sure that children are just as well looked after as their parents. Family holidays in La Palma are a great opportunity to swim, snorkel and enjoy some of the Canaries' best family-focused attractions. Throw the enviable relaxed lifestyle of La Palma locals into the mix and it's never difficult for weary families to forget their troubles and start enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

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