Family holidays in Lake Como

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  • Lake Como Family holidays

    The landscape of this well-loved location in Italy makes cheap family holidays in Lake Como a way to create memories that will truly last a lifetime. Lakeside locations have a uniquely picturesque atmosphere to them, perhaps because of the stillness of the water compared to beach holidays, and this often extends to the overall sense of peace and quiet. As you look out across Lake Como and the little boats navigating its waters, it's easy to feel transported back through the generations, and this is one holiday hotspot with truly timeless appeal.

    Down in the valley

    The lake's name comes from the Roman word 'comum' meaning 'valley', and this is clear when you look at the surrounding land, with hillsides enclosing the water in the valley floor. If you hear somebody refer just to 'Como', they might be talking about the city a short distance away. To refer to the lake itself or the many small resorts around its shores, use the full name - a good way to avoid any confusion during family holidays to Lake Como, especially if you are taking a taxi to your hotel and need to be clear about where you are travelling to.

    Up in arms

    The lake itself has a slightly unusual shape, as it is not fed by a single large river as is often the case. Instead, it follows the split shape of the valley's upper end, with two separate 'arms' that join together into an elongated main body of water. The Y-shape that results from this means there's even more shore to explore during family holidays in Lake Como, and this upper end of the lake has some of the most dramatic scenery too, eventually climbing to high enough altitudes for snow at certain times of year, which adds winter sports to the watersports you can enjoy down on the lake itself.

    Keep the kids busy

    With plenty of different types of land to explore - the shores of the lake, its waters and the higher end of the valley too - cheap family holidays in Lake Como can be active breaks that will keep even the most easily bored of children occupied for the duration. Make the most of the local landscape to give your children an appreciation of everything nature has to offer, even in one fairly small area.

    Why Lake Como is so great for families

    The residents of Lake Como love kids and enjoy going the extra mile to make sure that younger visitors are catered for with the same warm and hospitality as adults. Lake Como family holidays traditionally involve plenty of activity, from boating and swimming to snow-based sports during the winter months. All of this, combined with a remarkably peaceful atmosphere and Lake Como residents' good-natured, laid-back approach to life means that weary families can quickly unwind and enjoy their time in this beautiful location.

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