Family holidays in Luxor

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  • Luxor Family holidays

    Rivalling Cairo for the status of most iconic location in Egypt, cheap family holidays in Luxor give you views across the River Nile towards the Valley of the Kings. It's saying something that anywhere else in Egypt could compete with the Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza when choosing where to go in the country, but Luxor is something else entirely, with ancient architecture at every turn throughout the city streets just as you might see new-build apartment blocks elsewhere in the world. A truly inspiring destination, and one that will last a long time in your own memories, and in those of your children.

    Hot and sunny

    Quite apart from all of the architecture and archaeology, the climate alone would make this an appealing place for many holidaymakers. It's hot, so you'll need to make sure the kids take plenty of drinks on board throughout the day, but it's also dry, and the low humidity means conditions can feel comfortable. A normal year sees around 4,000 hours of sunshine, which should be more than enough for family holidays in Luxor to feel like a proper summer holiday, or to give the whole family a much-needed boost of sunshine in the winter months too.

    Exploring the architecture

    If you prefer to keep the kids out of the sun, or to stay cool by staying by the pool all day, then you don't have to miss out on the chance to do some exploring during family holidays to Luxor. Many of the local landmarks are even easier to see after dark, as the ancient temples and carvings are floodlit around the city. If your children aren't usually allowed out once the sun goes down, this could be a real adventure for them - a night-time floodlit excursion through an unfamiliar city, on the trail of the Ancient Egyptians.

    Stay cool in the sun

    Egypt can get very hot, and this is something to be wary of during family holidays to Luxor. You should see a good number of people wearing sun hats, so don't be afraid to do so too - even the locals put on a hat when the sun is at its hottest, so you won't necessarily stand out as tourists. Pack plenty of natural fibres, as cotton clothes are more breathable than manmade materials, and this will help you to lose body heat too.

    Why Luxor is so great for families

    The Egyptians love children and go out of their way to make sure younger visitors are catered for just as well as adults. Family holidays in Luxor offer trips to fascinating historic sites, such as the Valley of the Kings, and many family-friendly attractions. This, coupled with Luxor's slower pace of life, means that weary families can enjoy a well-deserved rest in this unique holiday destination on the banks of the River Nile.

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