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    The original 'Isla Bonita', and the fifth largest of the Canary Islands, is home to all-inclusive La Palma holidays that immerse holidaymakers in lush volcanic landscapes and picturesque scenery. The island's hidden depths, quite literally, consist of four miles of volcanic rock connecting the 8,000 feet of visible land with the supporting column beneath it, all the way to the bed of the Atlantic Ocean. If the island's origins sound like something from a 'lost world' adventure story, then its indigenous life backs up this train of thought. It is widely believed that a handful of the La Palma giant lizard may still live in the wild, despite having previously been thought to be extinct.

    Working with the land

    Generations of local inhabitants have worked hard to make the volcanic rock hospitable, creating the tourist-friendly island paradise you experience on cheap all-inclusive holidays in La Palma. A fine example of this is the development of the island's water network, which combines aqueducts with hidden underground tunnels that are only open to special visits. Together, these collect water from throughout the higher altitudes and funnel it down to the populated areas where it is needed most.

    Eruption or erosion?

    The Caldera de Taburiente National Park is a large protected space in the north of the island, and takes its name from the vast volcanic caldera found there - which also gives it a broad hollowed-out shape. Unlike volcanic cauldrons that occur when an eruption collapses in on itself, Taburiente formed gradually by erosion. Its name means 'level' or 'plain', and while this might seem odd for a bowl-shaped caldera, it is in part because this was a shield volcano, where successive layers of magma build up a very broad, very flat hill rather than a steep conical mountain.

    What to expect on an all-inclusive break

    All-inclusive holidays to La Palma give you everything you need for your stay, from accommodation and flights to food and drink, and will usually also include the chance to order extra snacks along the way too. It's worth considering a trip to the north of the island if you are interested in seeing the Caldera de Taburiente - it's one of the most striking features of the Canaries.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to La Palma?

    The Canary Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With stunning beaches and warm seas, it’s a summer getaway with big appeal. Why not take the next logical step and make it an all-inclusive escape? Wake up to a fresh breakfast, lunch in the sun and dine out in candlelight without any effort or additional expense. That’s how to really enjoy and make the most of all-inclusive holidays in La Palma - by simply relaxing and letting your all-inclusive hotel in La Palma take care of everything for you.

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