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  • Lake Como All inclusive holidays

    All-inclusive holidays to Lake Como take you to the shores of one of Italy's most cherished tourist destinations. It's a place where generations of holidaymakers have stayed in luxurious surroundings with spectacular views across the water, and the original Roman name of Comum, meaning 'valley', hints at the sheltered conditions to be found here. The name is also given to a nearby city, and while Como almost always refers to this, the full name 'Lake Como' can mean all of the resorts along the shore, as well as the lake itself.

    What can I do in Lake Como?

    The lake itself is the third-largest in Italy, stretching along the valley in a Y-shape, with a fork splitting its upper reaches into two arms. This formation, and the generally elongated shape of the lake and the valley overall, means there is plenty of coastline to explore, with hotels and small resorts all the way along it. Get out on to the open water for some light sailing or other water sports, or splash around in the hotel swimming pool, many of which are built as extended decks reaching out into the lake from the shoreline.

    What do all-inclusive holidays in Lake Como cover?

    Getting to Lake Como should be part of your ticket price, but check whether that just includes the flights, or the transfers as well. You might want to specify whether you take a coach transfer - which could visit several resorts before reaching your own - or a private taxi hire, which would be likely to cost more. Once there, your food and drink should all be included, subject to any limitations on serving times and on the availability of alcohol. Again, the description of your holiday should clear up any areas of doubt before you book.

    Why go all inclusive?

    Lake Como is a tranquil and protected setting, with the sides of the valley sheltering the little resorts along its shore. With a luxurious hotel serving sumptuous food, there is little need to go far, unless you feel like spending a day exploring. All-inclusive Lake Como holidays give you all the food and drink you need to stay satisfied throughout your trip, at no extra cost, making them a figurative 'one-stop shop' for holidaymakers who want to get away from it all, including getting away from the burden of daily budgeting.

    Why choose an all-inclusive holiday to Lake Como?

    When you’re visiting one of the most beautiful places in Europe, then you don’t always want to be thinking about what to make for dinner or how much you’ve got in the budget to eat out. That’s why choosing cheap all-inclusive holidays in Lake Como is such a good idea. You’ll be able to really relax, knowing that your mealtimes are already covered, and all that’s left for you to do is have a good time on your trip.


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