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    What do you associate most with Greece? Perhaps the Olympic Games, or maybe Mediterranean foods like olives, feta cheese and stuffed vine leaves; or if you holiday there regularly, you might think of the Greek Islands before anything else. As a country, it has many different meanings for different people, and the best way to experience everything modern Greece has to offer is on an all-inclusive package holiday, which incorporates the best local food and drink, high standards of accommodation, and may also include excursions to go sightseeing around your resort as well.

    Greece in modern times

    Modern-day Greece benefits from the legacy of ancient times, and for some visitors it is still the cradle of philosophy, and of many of our ideas about science and medicine too. There's no reason not to visit the ancient landmarks that create the unique Greek landscape, but there are plenty of modern trips to take instead if you just want to capitalise on the climate and coastline. All-inclusive holidays to Greece are ideal if you're looking for a beach holiday, and the islands in particular are hugely popular for this, while activity breaks can add scuba diving or sightseeing tours on foot to your itinerary.

    Greece on the UNESCO list

    The UNESCO World Heritage Sites list is a good indicator of how much there is to see in any given country, and with close to 20 entries, Greece has a lot to offer. You might not be surprised to see that the Acropolis is one of these sites, standing high above the Greek capital city of Athens. You might not realise that the Acropolis is not just one building - the one most often pictures is the Parthenon, but there are more than 20 distinct ruins to visit, including buildings, statues and theatres, including the partially restored Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

    Why choose all-inclusive holidays in Greece?

    If you opt for cheap all-inclusive holidays to Greece, you really can't lose, with great quality accommodation, flights, food and drink - often both local cuisine and tourist-friendly tastes of home - all covered by your ticket price. Booking everything as a package offers excellent value too, so if you want to add some extra activities or excursions on arrival, you should find you are able to do so safe in the knowledge that your budget (whether small or large) will be enough to cover it.

    Why should I choose an all-inclusive holiday to Greece?

    Choosing an all-inclusive holiday to Greece means you can enjoy your time in the sun without having to worry about extra costs. With your accommodation, meals and drinks all taken care of in your all-inclusive price, you can unwind and explore. Your days on holiday will be yours to spend how you wish. Whether that’s eating your fill of tasty local produce, lazing on the beach or cooling off with a long swim. Greece has so much to offer, from ancient sites to coastal retreats it makes sense to choose an all-inclusive holiday which covers all your everyday needs.

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