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Mont Orgueil Castle featuring art

St. Martin Attractions

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Places of interest in St. Martin

St. Martin is crammed with must-see places to visit and things to do. We can help you decide where to stay in St. Martin, and make it a breeze to explore St. Martin and the surrounding areas with our guides on where to go, what to see and when to see it. No matter how long your stay, it’s easy to find places of interest in St. Martin to make sure that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest and don’t miss a thing. Leave the local knowledge to us and leave the hassle behind.

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St. Martin attractions

St. Martin has something for everyone, so whether you’re planning to get active on a summer holiday, put a spring in your step with a romantic rendezvous, or pamper yourself with a leisurely winter trip, you’ll find plenty of attractions in St. Martin to keep you entertained. Expedia makes it easy to book your flight, hotel and rental car in advance, making for hassle-free travel and freeing you up to explore the sights of St. Martin.

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Top things to do in St. Martin

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Top places to visit

1. Mont Orgueil Castle

Discover the thrilling stories behind the magnificent Mont Orgueil Castle. This medieval landmark stands watch over Gorey harbor and offers stunning views of St. Malo Bay. Explore its numerous hidden rooms to discover gruesome stories and find unusual objects such as old-fashioned medical aids. The multifaceted attraction also hosts a museum with several exhibitions and some pleasant formal gardens.
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Climb the ramparts of Gorey’s beautifully preserved medieval castle to uncover its many secrets and to see its numerous engaging exhibitions.

2. St Brelade's Bay Beach

St. Brelade’s Bay Beach is perhaps the most popular and iconic stretch of sand on the island of Jersey. The medieval edifices of the Parish Church of St. Brelade and Fisherman’s Chapel decorate the beach’s northwestern corner, while hotels, spas and cafés are at its rear. Capture photos of the jagged green headlands enclosing the bay in the distance.
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Take kayaks and inflatables out on the water. Then watch the sun set from seafront cafés and restaurants backing onto Jersey’s principal sandy haven.

3. St. Helier Beach

St. Helier Beach is a charming crescent of soft sand with a long pier stretching into the town’s marina. Dramatic tides and rock pools characterize the strand, which offers an unobstructed vista of Elizabeth Castle. Stroll along the waterfront with your family and stop at one of the hotels and restaurants overlooking the sea.
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Observe the changing tides, snap photographs of the 16th-century castle rising from an island and pick out your favorite boats in the harbor by this beach.

4. Port of Jersey

Explore the waterfront in St. Helier with a trip to Port of Jersey. Visit the area's spas or amble around its beautiful beaches.
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Explore the waterfront in St. Helier with a trip to Port of Jersey. Visit the area's spas or amble around its beautiful beaches.

5. Channel Islands

The Channel Islands, which form an archipelago just off the coast of Normandy in France, are home to a staunchly British population and incredible natural beauty. Visit archaeological and historic sites dating as far back as the Neolithic era and coastlines perfect for walking and cycling. Enjoy food and wine tours and plentiful wildlife for an intriguing getaway.
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Get close to a puffin, explore an 800-year-old castle, visit Victor Hugo’s house and enjoy the mild climate as you explore the natural beauty of the archipelago.

6. Elizabeth Castle

Since the late 1500s, the imposing Elizabeth Castle has reigned over the rocky tidal island just west of St. Helier. It rises above St. Aubin’s Bay, with its battlements and gunfire demonstrations serving as reminders of Jersey’s military history. Tour the castle to understand its extensive past, including its time sheltering a monarch from parliamentarians. Piece together its surprising history via reenactments and exhibits.
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This castle sheltered King Charles II in the English Civil War, before being fortified under German occupation in World War II.

7. Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital

The Jersey War Tunnels site paints a picture of the defenseless island during its German occupation in World War II. The museum features more than 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) of tunnels built to withstand potential Allied bombardment. Inspect the profound exhibits and put yourself in the mind of a Jersey resident in those dark times.
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These World War II tunnels reveal the history of the 5,000 slave workers who built them and the traumatic years of the islanders under Nazi rule.

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