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Things to Do in Flagstaff

Are you headed to Flagstaff? Are you wondering what the Dark Sky City could offer you? AZ is filled with a host of must see places and attractions in Flagstaff should be at the top of your list. Let Expedia be your travel coordinator, helping you to make all of your plans with ease as you create an exciting itinerary for the City of Seven Wonders. Take a close look at the map and start hunting for the favorite tourist spots and best kept local secrets. There are so many things to do in Flagstaff, you'll be hard pressed to fit them in on one trip.

For the nature lover, Flagstaff excursions should include a journey into the great outdoors. View the San Francisco Peaks and be awed by their incredible beauty or stand at the site of a meteor crater that will simply take your breath away.

The Arizona Snowbowl and Coconino National Forest provide another glimpse into the beauty that surrounds this incredible state. See a piece of history at the Walnut Canyon National Monument, a park that will provide you with a close-up view of ancient cliff dwellings that have been carved into the soaring walls of the canyons.

The Wupatki National Monument allows you to see the remains of pueblos that were built hundreds of years ago yet have withstood the test of time. Your Flagstaff tours should take you to the brink of the Colorado Plateau to truly appreciate the beauty of the land. is fully equipped to help you find plenty of Flagstaff activities. If you're looking for indoor attractions, try the Museum of Northern Arizona or the Orpheum Theater. Riordan Mansion State Historic Park is a perfect blend of outdoor and indoor pleasures as you take a tour of the mansion and venture out on to the grounds.

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Top things to do in Flagstaff

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Top places to visit

1. Northern Arizona University

Walk around the campus of Northern Arizona University, a top university in Flagstaff. Attend a sporting event or simply enjoy the top-notch restaurants while you're in the area.
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Walk around the campus of Northern Arizona University, a top university in Flagstaff. Attend a sporting event or simply enjoy the top-notch restaurants while you're in the area.

2. Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a steep river gorge that carves a breathtaking chasm between Sedona and Flagstaff in northern Arizona. Experience the region known as the little cousin of the Grand Canyon on the Oak Tree Canyon Scenic Drive, a magnificent stretch of road that that brings you some of the best views in the canyon. Wind through forested passes, keeping watch for the hiking trailheads dotted along the roadside. Find a spot to drop a fishing line in the heart of the canyon, Oak Creek, or swim in the gorge’s clear waters.
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Take one of Arizona’s most beautiful scenic drives through this canyon and be sure to take your hiking boots, fishing rod, swimsuit and camera along for the ride.

3. Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater is a large meteorite impact crater and visitor center near Flagstaff, Arizona. The site is one of the best-preserved meteorite craters in the world. It features a visitor center with educational displays and a widescreen theater. Admire the impressive crater from many observation points on the rim.
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Study a massive impact crater, created by a meteorite in the northern Arizona desert that hit earth about 50,000 years ago.

4. Lowell Observatory

Visit Lowell Observatory for daytime guided tours and nighttime telescope viewing sessions. Established in the late 19th century, the observatory is one of the oldest in the United States. The facility operates several telescopes, including the Pluto Discovery Telescope, for historical, educational and research purposes.
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This observatory is famous for discovering the dwarf planet Pluto and features many educational activities, historic telescopes and events for visitors.

5. Humphreys Peak

Scan the horizon from Flagstaff and you’re sure to see the rugged summit of Humphreys Peak dominating the mountainous skyline. The 12,637-foot (3,852-meter) mountain is the tallest of a ring of extinct volcanoes known as the San Francisco Peaks. Explore the network of hiking trails and picnic sites in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness at the base of the mountain or take on the challenge of climbing to the summit.
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Arizona’s highest mountain soars out of the Coconino National Forest and the hiking trail that leads to its summit passes by tundra, wildflowers and volcanic peaks.

6. Sunset Crater National Monument

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is a spectacular natural attraction and the most recently formed volcano in Arizona’s San Francisco Volcanic Field. Follow hiking trails and scenic roads to viewpoints and get up-close to the volcano’s interesting landscapes and wildlife. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument formed around 900 years ago following an eruption in a region inhabited by prehistoric Ancestral Puebloan people. The volcano’s cone is some 1,000-feet (305-meters) tall and the crater is 400-feet (122-meters) deep.
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Marvel at fascinating geological features and varied wildlife on the scenic hikes and self-drive tour that skirt this almost millennia-old volcano.

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