Conwy Castle

Built by Edward I between 1283 and 1289 during his conquest of Wales, stunning Conwy Castle is among the finest surviving medieval fortifications in Britain.

Standing proudly overlooking the historic town of Conwy on the North Wales coast, the dark stoned fortress is in remarkably good condition considering the military action it has seen over the centuries and visitors can still walk along its impressive walls today.

One of the most popular attractions in Wales, the castle consists of a large curtain wall built on a natural rock formation. There are two fortified outposts, eight circular towers and four smaller ones, which are among the most impressive in the country.

Conwy and its castle are surrounded by a well-preserved wall, making it one of the most complete medieval towns in the world. The layout of the castle is relatively simple, its mighty military strength coming from its location above the Conwy Estuary rather than its intricate design.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the views from the castle battlements are incredible, looking out across the sea and mountains of Snowdonia and down to the roofless shell of the 125ft great hall. The battlements are also the best place to view the town wall, stretching for more than three-quarters of a mile and guarded by no fewer than 22 towers.

Edward I spent £15,000 on creating the castle, a huge amount of money at the time, and a visit will also take you into its great hall, private chambers, royal chapel and kitchen.

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