Llandudno Pier

Llandudno Pier is an impressive structure that dominates the coastline of Llandudno, a picturesque town in North Wales. The largest pier in Wales, stretching 2,296 feet into the Irish Sea, is one of the finest, and best preserved, examples of a Victorian pier you will find anywhere in the UK.

Designed in an Indian Gothic style, reminiscent of a “Maharaja’s palace, floating on a lake”, this impressive iron structure offers fabulous panoramic views of Llandudno Beach and the promenade on one side, and the serene waters of the Irish Sea on the other.

Llandudno Pier was originally built in 1858 by the St. George’s Harbour and Railway Company at a much shorter 242 feet. The pier was seriously damaged in the Royal Charter Storm of 1859, which tragically saw the loss of 223 ships and 800 people in British coastal waters.

The pier as it is today was opened to the public on 1 August 1877 and has attracted visitors from all over the world for well over a century. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive features of Llandudno and is a local must-see for visitors of all ages.

The pier offers a variety of independent stalls and eateries, as well as a few rides that are mainly aimed at children. There are regular orchestral performances on the ornate pier pavilion, which is built on land adjacent to the main entrance from the promenade.

Waltz back in time and experience the joys of a Victorian seaside town during summertime at the charming Llandudno Pier.

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Great Orme Tramway

The only cable-hauled tramway in Britain, and in fact one of the last remaining in the world, the Great Orme Tramway is one of the most beloved heritage attractions in Wales, carrying in the region of 160,000 passengers every year from Victoria Station in Llandudno to the Summit Station, a distance of around a mile. First opened at the turn of the 20th Century, and preserved in part through funding from the National Lottery and the EU, the tramway operates on a funicular system, whereby each car is attached to the cable that is winched up the hill, the weight of the descending car helping to pull up the one ascending.

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