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  • Crete Family holidays

    Crete is only the fifth largest of the Mediterranean islands, but it's Greece's largest and has a rich history that rivals any of the bigger destinations. Its association with the Minoan civilisation is perhaps the most fascinating aspect, and makes for a great background to cheap family holidays on Crete, as you can keep the kids entertained for free with stories about the people who lived on the island as far back as nearly three thousand years before the bible.

    Where are the Minoans?

    As you hear more and more tales of the thriving and advanced civilisation of the Minoans, you might wonder why there is no sign of them to this day. The answer lies in one of the most dramatic events ever to occur in the Mediterranean, when a volcanic eruption on the island of Thera triggered a huge tidal wave that would have wiped out many coastal communities on Crete and devastated the population even further inland. Overnight, the Minoans in the area were all but gone, and it seems they never recovered from the disaster.

    Footprints from the past

    If you want to make the Minoans part of your family holiday on Crete, it's easy to do so with a visit to Heraklion. Here you and your children can take a tour of archaeological finds dating back thousands of years. The exhibits typically include information about what the object is and how it would have been used in Minoan times, and although this information may be in Greek, the importance of the tourist trade means there's a good chance that at least some of it will be replicated in English too, or that you can find an employee or tour guide to act as an interpreter.

    An Atlantis adventure

    All of this mythology and history adds up to a great family holiday on Crete, and the kids will love the idea that they are on the island where the story of Atlantis comes from. That is another of the legends linked with the Thera eruption and the tidal wave that followed it, and again it makes for a great story-telling opportunity. Make the most of your chance to fill your kids with wonder - something Crete offers in abundance, and perhaps even more so than any other family holiday destination.

    Why Crete is so great for families

    Sunshine, beaches, the remains of the ancient Minoan civilisation, it's enough to keep any family entertained on a break. Add to that the incredible Greek cuisine and there's something for everyone, big or small. The little ones can enjoy playing on the beach, and parents will love propping up in a taverna and dining out on sensational food and drink. Explore ancient ruins, teach the kids the story of the Minotaur, and enjoy unforgettable Crete family holidays, with all the ingredients for a classic break.

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