Rio Grande do Sul State

Nicoletti Square featuring a church or cathedral, a city and a pond

Discover the many wonders of Brazil’s distinctive southernmost state, from majestic canyons, pampas and waterfalls to Bavarian-style alpine towns, vineyards and historic missions.

With a strong independent streak and an array of stunning natural features, Rio Grade do Sul is full of surprises. The citizens, known as Gaúchos, are just as remarkable as the attractions in their state, and they have developed a distinct culture famous throughout Brazil.

Gaze down gorges at Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra. This expansive national park is renowned for canyons. Canyon Itaimbezinho, a 4-mile (6-kilometer) long ravine with steep walls and two dramatic waterfalls is the premier attraction.

Transport yourself to Germany in Gramado, a mountain town with chalets, chocolate shops and fondue restaurants that pay homage to the area’s European heritage. Take a swan boat out on Lago Negro, a man-made lake surrounded by pine trees, the feature of Black Lake Park.

Walk among the grape vines in one of Brazil’s most revered wine-producing regions, the Vale dos Vinhedos. Visit vineyards and sample the produce. Many vineyards offer accommodations as well.

Wonder at the falling waters of Cascata do Caracol, a majestic 427-foot (130-meter) waterfall in Parque Estadual do Caracol. Hike to the base of this cascade to get the best view of this natural beauty.

Enjoy the cosmopolitan delights of Porto Alegre. This port city is the capital of the state and a hub for both culture and trade. Gaze at the Metropolitan Cathedral, a neoclassical cathedral that is the star of the skyline. Learn about local history at the Museu Histórico Júlio de Castilhos, a museum dedicated to telling the story of the state and its proud people.

Marvel at ruined Catholic missions on the Rota Missões (Mission Road).The most well-known is São Miguel Arcanjo, located in the village of São Miguel das Missões, recognized as a UNESCO site.

Fly in to Porto Alegre then ride the public bus system, or rent a car, to get around with ease.

From its rich European heritage to dramatic landscapes, Rio Grande do Sul is utterly unique.

Popular cities in Rio Grande do Sul State

Nicoletti Square showing a garden and a pond
Known for Natural parks, Cultural activities and Castle
Lush green mountains, alpine chalets and chocolatiers provide a peaceful stay in this charming mountain village in Brazil’s southern mountain range of Serra Gaúcha.

Reasons to visit

  • Mini Mundo
  • Snowland Park
  • Gramado Central Avenue
Porto Alegre featuring street scenes as well as a large group of people
Porto Alegre
Known for Ice skating, Diving and Adventure
Years of progressive leadership and high levels of education have produced one of Brazil’s most dynamic cultural cities, a base for musicians, artists and actors.

Reasons to visit

  • Moinhos de Vento Park
  • Usina do Gasometro Cultural Center
Known for Natural parks, Rock climbing and Rafting
Get away to Canela! Enjoy the parks, rock climbing and hiking.

Reasons to visit

  • Caracol Waterfall
Bento Goncalves
Bento Goncalves
Known for Spas, Wineries and Theme parks
Bento Goncalves is calling! Discover its wineries, theme park, monuments and more.
Known for Libraries, Opera houses and Cultural activities
Come to Pelotas and enjoy its library, opera and beaches.
Nicoletti Square featuring a church or cathedral, a city and a pond
Caxias do Sul
Known for Wineries, Zoo and Adventure
Tour the century-old churches, wineries and highlands of this lively city nestled amid the mountainous northeast region of Río Grande do Sul.