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While this large Caribbean island is famed for its laid-back music and vibe, adventure opportunities also abound in its lagoons and lush mountains.

Home to Bob Marley, reggae music and so much more, Jamaica is the perfect place for a chilled out escape from modern life. It’s a great place to come to soak up the sun, sea and sand, explore lush rainforest and learn about Caribbean history.

Independent only since the mid-20th century, the nation’s flag is highly symbolic of the constant changes it has endured. Black represents hardship over the course of the country’s lifetime, green is for the verdant landscape and the hope for freedom from slavery on the British plantations, while gold signifies prosperity and sunshine – the latter of which the island is hardly lacking!

Fly to Kingston, Montego Bay or Ocho Rios and rent a car, or take a bus tour. Jamaica is home to resorts of the highest quality, where you can enjoy the pleasures of the Caribbean along with the beauty of its coasts and natural environment.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, and a vibrant and fascinating place to visit. The local food is excellent – enjoy saltfish and ackee, the national meal, or try out some Rastafarian ital dishes in Bull Bay. For many people, the laid back beats and strong political messages of reggae are synonymous with this country. You can learn about the story of its most celebrated son at the Bob Marley Museum. His message of resistance is still heard all over the world, not least in the poverty-stricken shantytowns of this city.

To the west, enjoy Negril and its spectacular lighthouse, or walk along the seemingly endless expanse of dazzling Seven Mile Beach.

Ocho Rios is another option for an excursion or a change of venue. Take in the tropical paradises of Dunn’s River Falls or Somerset Falls, or enjoy a stroll around genteel Georgian-style Falmouth. If you’d prefer something a little more stimulating, head for Dolphin Cove amusement park.

Jamaica’s stunning beaches have long been popular with holidaymakers. Try the famous Blue Lagoon, from the film of the same name, or visit James Bond Beach, made famous by its appearance in the film Dr No.

Popular cities in Jamaica

Kingston showing heritage elements, general coastal views and building ruins
Known for Dining, Business and Ports
On the Caribbean coast, at the base of rolling mountains, is Jamaica’s distinctive capital, a place that has seen a turbulent history but where life is mostly lived with laid-back attitude.

Reasons to visit

  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Devon House
  • National Heroes Park
Montego Bay showing a coastal town, general coastal views and a beach
Montego Bay
Known for Beach view, Entertainment and Excursions
This Caribbean city offers the essential vacation ingredients: white-sand beaches, a rich history and a relaxed pace.

Reasons to visit

  • Rose Hall Great House
  • Doctor's Cave Beach
  • AquaSol Theme Park
Ocho Rios featuring tropical scenes, swimming and a sandy beach
Ocho Rios
Known for Romantic, Excursions and Sea
Get away to romantic Ocho Rios! Enjoy the waterfalls, riverfront and beaches.

Reasons to visit

  • Dunn's River Falls
  • Mystic Mountain
  • Dolphin Cove
Negril which includes rugged coastline and tropical scenes
Known for Beach view, Sunsets and Seafood
This town has gorgeous beaches, a lighthouse, a boulevard, cliff jumps, wildlife in the wetlands and nightlife, great ingredients for a diverse vacation.

Reasons to visit

  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Negril Lighthouse
Port Antonio featuring general coastal views and tropical scenes
Port Antonio
Known for Beach view, River view and Cultural activities
Still glittering from its years as a glamorous getaway for the stars, this secluded Jamaican town offers the chance to escape the crowds and slow down.

Reasons to visit

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Winnifred Beach
Known for Friendly people, Golf and Gardens
Trip time! Discover the parks, university life and gardens in Mandeville.

Popular places to visit in Jamaica


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