Greyfriar's Bobby

Greyfriar\'s Bobby which includes outdoor art
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Visit a cemetery that has entered into legend because of a faithful dog who waited for years by his master’s grave.

The story of Greyfriars Bobby has now achieved an almost mythical status in the history of Edinburgh. Wander through the pretty graveyard in the heart of the city’s Old Town and examine the mausoleums and gravestones. Find the final resting place of John Grey, where a famous Skye terrier is said to have sat for 14 years after his owner’s death.

According to legend, Grey died in 1858 of tuberculosis. After he was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard, his furry companion refused to leave his side. Bobby became a celebrity within his own lifetime, with crowds flocking to see the famously loyal creature. Look for a bronze statue of the popular canine on a granite plinth outside the church. This was erected outside the church following the dog’s death in 1872.

From the statue, head through the gates to the cemetery. Read a tribute to the dog on a headstone at the entrance and turn right to find Grey’s grave. A map identifies where you can find Grey’s plot, as well as other points of interest around the graveyard. Notable figures including James Hutton, the father of modern geology, are also buried in the historic churchyard.

Follow the paths around the green area, stopping to read the inscriptions carved into the stones. Several mausoleums line the edges of the cemetery, as well as a monument to religious martyrs who were executed in the 17th century for their adherence to Presbyterianism. The cemetery also contains a stretch of the Flodden Wall, the remains of Edinburgh’s medieval town boundaries.

Step inside the church itself, which was erected in 1620 on the site of a Franciscan friary. The simplicity of the interior is typical of Church of Scotland architecture. Local worshippers meet here on Sunday mornings for a traditional service.

Walk to the statue of Greyfriars Bobby in 10 minutes from Edinburgh Waverley station. Buses run regularly to outside the National Museum of Scotland, which is across the street. The church and museum are open to visitors from April to October. Visitors are welcome to attend Sunday services throughout the year.

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