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Where does Fiji Airways fly?

The top routes that Fiji Airways flies are:

  • AKL to SIN (approx. 130 flights per month)
  • BNE to SIN (approx. 120 flights per month)
  • MEL to SIN (approx. 120 flights per month)
  • NAN to SUV (approx. 120 flights per month)
  • SIN to NAN (approx. 110 flights per month)

With exotic and lush locales, a trip to the Pacific will have travelers brimming with excitement. But the prices for fares and accommodation may cause a moment's pause for those on a tight budget. There is no need to worry because special fares and tickets for Fiji Airways flights are available for booking at Expedia.

Which destinations can I travel to with Fiji Airways?

As the main airline in Fiji, Fiji Airways offers travel to 10 domestic locales and 15 destination cities in the Pacific region, including in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Fiji Airways also flies to North America.

What can travelers expect from a Fiji Airways flight?

Flying Fiji Airways for vacation or for business does not have to break the bank since specials are frequently available. Once in-flight, passengers will enjoy snacks that are included in the price of their flight and will have access to power supplies. The seats are comfortable and allow passengers to relax.

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Why book with Expedia?

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