Angus and Dundee

Dundee which includes heritage elements and street scenes

With its fantastic glens, stunning coastline and a cosmopolitan city, Angus & Dundee offers an exciting array of attractions alongside outstanding Scottish natural beauty.

This compact area in the north east of Scotland offers visitors the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy the exciting city life Dundee has to offer and venture into the welcoming towns and villages scattered throughout Angus.

If you are drawn to the peacefulness of the countryside, you will enjoy the cosy relaxed atmosphere of village life in Angus, with self-catering cottages and old style country bed and breakfasts. Alternatively there are tempting hotels to stay at within bustling Dundee.

Foodies visiting this area of Scotland will enjoy the excellent local produce available at farmers markets and farm shops across the region. As well as the Arbroath Smokie (haddock), be sure to try Aberdeen Angus beef, a famous export of the area.

Explore Dundee

Dundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city, located on the banks of the River Tay; it’s a city with an industrial Scottish heritage, home too many inventors.

Discovery Point is an excellent place to visit when in Dundee; here you can uncover the tale of Captain Scott and Ernst Shackletown, and one of the most heroic voyages of exploration ever taken. The centre has interesting displays and is situated at the waterfront, offering great views over the River Tay.

Broughty Castle Museum sits proudly at the mouth of the River Tay. Built in 1496 it has faced many sieges and battles, yet still stands intact today. The top floor of the castle itself offers striking views over the surrounding area accessed by a spiral staircase, while the museum has exhibits of ancient weapons - all worth seeing.

Step Back in Time in Angus

The tranquil area that is Angus today is somewhat different from how it was. Once the area was covered in battlements and the site of fierce battles between Scotland and their neighbours, England. The Angus countryside stretches out from the city of Dundee along the East coast.

The Angus Glens are often referred to as the foothills of the Highlands, and are less than an hour from the beach. Every Glen is different, yet truly spectacular in its own right. If you enjoy the great outdoors you will not be disappointed. There are various trails of all sizes and difficulty so there is something to suit everyone.

Arbroath Abbey in Angus is well worth a visit; towering over the town of Arbroath, the abbey is partly ruined, but it is still an impressive site to explore. There is a copy of the Declaration of Arbroath, with audio depictions representing the people involved in its declaration.

Popular cities in Angus and Dundee

Dundee showing a small town or village and a river or creek
Known for Friendly people, Dining and Spas
Explore a city built on a jute empire, with magnificent Victorian architecture, beautiful North Sea beaches and an extinct volcano offering fabulous views.

Reasons to visit

  • V&A Dundee
  • City Square
  • Dundee Law
Arbroath Abbey featuring heritage elements and building ruins
Known for Relaxing, Excursions and Countryside
Find yourself amid medieval Scottish history in this heritage harbor town, where you can wander around pretty seaside cottages and try delicious smoked haddock.

Reasons to visit

  • Arbroath Abbey
Known for Monuments and Museums
Experience Forfar: its monuments, museums and more!

Reasons to visit

  • Glamis Castle
Known for Friendly people, Dining and Poolside bars
Come to quaint Brechin and enjoy its bars, monuments and mountain views.
Known for Friendly people, Poolside bars and Cafes
Quaint Kirriemuir awaits: its bars, countryside and more!
Known for Friendly people, Excursions and Cathedrals
Explore Montrose: its parks, museums, beaches and more!