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Car hire in Malaga

Car hire in Malaga

Hiring a car in Malaga is simple, use the search box to your left, enter the name of the airport or place you want to pick up your hire car from and Expedia will help you compare the prices of small, medium and large cars so that you can find the cheapest car hire deals in Malaga. Alternatively, below you can check out some of the great deals on car hire we currently have for Malaga.

Driving in Malaga

Malaga is a sun soaked city on Spain's south coast that attracts millions of tourists every year. Exquisite beaches and glorious wide boulevards are only a couple of the highlights of Malaga, a city that is easily navigable by car.

Hiring a car is a great way to experience Malaga, allowing visitors to easily explore this beautiful city. The birthplace of world famous artist Pablo Picasso, Malaga's many museums are a real highlight for tourists. The stunning beaches are protected from vicious winds by the mountains that engulf the city, and provide the main attraction for tourists and locals alike. Stunning views of the city and coastal area are available with a short drive north where visitors can hike up mountains, such as Gibralfaro.

The stunning beaches aren't the only reason for visiting Malaga. With the convenience of a rental car, tourists can much of the surrounding region of Andalusia, an area rich in Spanish culture and a very pleasant climate too.

Get the most out of Malaga by renting a car and experience all this authentic city, and region, of Spain have to offer. Book your holiday today!

Cheap Car Hire Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport is in fact named after Picasso and lies just south of the city centre on Spain's Mediterranean Sea. Less than12 km from the heart of the city, Malaga's only airport provides the ultimate in convenience for travelling to the city. One of the most important airports in Spain for tourism, Malaga airport is a thriving travel hub throughout southern Spain and serves over 12 millions passengers annually.

Being so close to the city centre, renting a car is the ideal way to get from the airport to the city. The easy drive east will take visitors quickly and easily to the heart of Malaga to begin their holiday. The short journey should take no more than 30 minutes by car, even in traffic, meaning all tourists can get to their hotels in Malaga quickly and easily.

When deciding on renting a car from Malaga Airport, visitors will have plenty of choice. Hertz, Avis and Sixt all have desk locations at Malaga airport and there are also a number of car rental suppliers with locations in the city itself.

Car hire companies in Malaga have extensive fleets of vehicles and will provide the perfect car to meet every holiday need. Whether that a convertible to enjoy the Andalusia sunshine or a larger people carrier to transport the whole family around this beautiful region, travellers can rest assured that their needs will be met.

Upon hiring a car, getting to the city couldn't be easier. The drive along Avenue de Andalusia will take visitors directly into the heart of Malaga. The journey also includes stunning views of the Mediterranean coast. The city itself is punctuated by the impressive harbour that is a thriving part of the city's economy, though tourism continues to be the most important money driver for the city.

Car rental in Malaga will not only get travellers from the airport to the city quickly but will also afford visitors the luxury of getting around Andalusia easily too. Many of the main attrations in Malaga are concentrated along the coast, whilst heading north into Andalusia uncovers a world of Spanish cuisine and culture. By renting a car from Malaga Airport, tourists will be able to enjoy the many great sights and sounds of this metropolitan city.

Car Hire in Malaga, The City

Driving in and around Malaga is pleasant experience. The impressive boulevards are lined with palm trees, adding to the tropical feel of this coastal city.

Malaga is a clean city with a friendly atmosphere that thrives all year round due to the warm and dry climate. Visitors should not be shy of parking their rental car in many of the car parks that dot the beachfront, and street parking is also readly available. Those renting a car in the city should ask for information about possible discounts that many car hire companies have with local car parks.

Malaga's culture is typically Spanish. The city, and Andalusia in general, is more traditional than other northern areas of Spain ensuring that visitors enjoy an authentically Spanish experience.

Tourists should certainly pay a visit to the impressive bullring, La Malagueta. Weekends see locals flock to the arena to see their favourite pastime before descending on the beach to enjoy the sun. The open-air theatres are also a popular attraction and a few famous faces, such as Antonio Banderas, made their first start on the stages in Malaga.

Beyond the theatres, Malaga is the ideal location for indulging in Spanish cuisine. he MalagueƱos love their food and the bars and restaurants here are where the real social life takes place. Malaga is famous for its "pescaito frito", a selection of small fried fish such as sardines and red mullet. A delicious snack to be enjoyed as an afternoon snack.

Malaga's illustrious past has left its imprint on the historic centre of the city. Particularly around La Alcazaba, a fortress which dates back to 1065, many ancient castles, first built by the Moors provide glimpses into the city's storied past. However, outside of the city there is plenty to be explored too. Andalusia is a region rich in history, not to mention natural beauty.

Visitors to Malaga who rent a car will be able to experience all of the great neighbourhoods in and around the city with consummate ease. With a rental car the beautiful nature areas that surround the city are within easy reach, and navigating throughout the city and surrounding areas is surprisingly easy.

Malaga is an authentic Spanish city that attracts millions of visitors every year. Explore this vibrant city with the convenience of car hire and you will want to go back every year. Make sure your next trip to Malaga and book your trip today!