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    Malia has gained more widespread public attention in the UK in recent years, thanks to a number of documentaries and appearances in popular culture. However, the town on Crete's northern coastline has been popular among tourists for many years. Despite the public perception, it is not just wild nightlife that attracts holidaymakers to the resort, and it is possible to enjoy a relaxing break while taking in some of the local archaeological sites. For instance, many visitors head out to the Minoan ruins located just to the east of the modern-day town.

    Party time in Malia

    Malia's Main Strip is the focal point for many younger visitors' holidays in the resort, with enough restaurants, bars and nightclubs to keep you occupied around the clock if you wish. A packed calendar of events and big-name DJs playing the clubs should ensure your trip is memorable – and if you’ve had enough of parting, there are plenty of sandy beaches where you can recuperate. As one of the most popular holiday resorts for young people at present, you'll be in good company, ensuring a party atmosphere throughout your stay, and plenty of fellow Brits to share the experience with.

    Head to historic Malia

    In sharp contrast to the modern day resort is the Palace of Malia, an excavated palace complex consisting of a central courtyard, with steps at its southern end, and several breath-taking rooms. More rooms to the north were likely used for storage, and are complete with a built-in drainage system to carry liquids away from the floors. The palace is also a chance to see a 'kernos' stone - a circular carved stone with cups around its outer edge, which was used for ritual purposes, with offerings placed into the small cups.

    When should I visit Malia?

    Crete's climate is mainly Mediterranean, and this means mild winters, with reasonable humidity levels thanks to the surrounding sea. Average daytime temperatures are around the 30°C mark in summer, and as much as ten degrees higher at their very hottest. Unsurprisingly, snowfall is rare except on the higher ground, and on the infrequent occasion that snow falls on Crete's lowlands, it typically will not last for more than a few minutes. Malia's location on the north coast means it is a little cooler than the south of the island, which crosses into a North African climate, and this should mean more comfortable conditions all year round.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    One of the best things about luxury holidays is they’re all about you and your needs. If you want to party all night and spend your days on the beach, your luxury beachfront hotel will make that happen. If it’s a more relaxing holiday you’re after away from Malia’s main strip, your luxury hotel will offer that piece of paradise. With a luxury holiday anything is possible – it’s up to you to create it. With so many ways to customise your holiday, it’s worth the extra spend. Malia combines beach life and the best sunset parties with history aplenty. From medieval churches and cobbled streets to the best in big-name DJs, there’s something for everyone here.

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